Liveaboard Dive Insurance

Peace of mind wherever/whenever you dive

Are you covered?

Wherever you dive in the world, it pays to plan for every situation with liveaboard dive insurance. Even though scuba diving is considered a safe activity, in the unfortunate event of a diving accident, medical bills and emergency rescues can quickly mount up to many thousands of dollars. Medical treatment in some destinations, and specifically diving related medical treatment, or medical evacuation, can be very expensive. Are you covered to dive in Australia? 

With over 15 years of servicing the diving industry, DiveAssure offers its members – both diving facilities and dive professionals, the highest and most comprehensive liability protection available worldwide. Spirit of Freedom recommends that every diver considers the appropriate level of dive insurance cover for diving in Australia. 

Get a quote today and get peace of mind before you dive. Choose from annual cover or short term cover for a special trip. Contact us if you have any questions regarding which coverage is right for you.