Diver Safety & Styles

Diver Safety

Spirit of Freedom is committed to diver safety and safe diving practices at all times. As our expeditions visit remote coral reefs, hundreds of kilometres from the coast, diver safety is critical. As well as our professional dive crew providing detailed dive briefings, Spirit of Freedom crew divers will be in the water on every dive with lookouts overseeing the water, in constant VHF contact with the dive deck and tender.

All crew members are trained in emergency management including CPR, EAR, oxygen therapy, and defibrillator use. Spirit of Freedom carries a defibrillation unit and sufficient medical oxygen to provide 100% oxygen while travelling back from the Coral Sea to a medical facility.

Spirit of Freedom also includes Nautilus Lifeline units as standard in-water safety equipment. The Nautilus Lifeline is a personal locator beacon unit which is complimentary and issued to divers for their use on all Spirit of Freedom dives. These units are in addition to the existing visual and audible surface signalling devices provided (whistle, safety sausage and cyalume stick).

Buddy teams are responsible for planning and conducting their own dives as we do not offer a full guided dive service. For guided dives we recommend a Great Barrier Reef Day Trip with Divers Den or a premium Scuba Diving Cairns trip with Tusa Reef Tours. 

Ocean diving is a fun but strenuous activity – reduced physical fitness or limited scuba diving experience may limit your ability to participate fully. Safety is our number one priority. If in doubt, we recommend a Scuba Diver Refresher course with Divers Den prior to your trip. 

If you have a medical condition or are currently taking prescription medication, you will need a medical clearance. Please contact us for guidance. 


Ribbon Reef Diver Safety

  • Suitable for snorkellers and competent divers with a good level of physical fitness.
  • Diver experience recommendation: Open Water certification with minimum 10 ocean dives, including 5 dives in the last 12 months.

Coral Sea Diver Safety

  • Suitable for advance divers with a good level of physical fitness.
  • Diver experience recommendation: Advanced Diver certification with minimum 20 ocean dives, including 5 dives in the last 12 months, and a good level of physical fitness.

Dive Styles

Spirit of Freedom-Cuttle Fish

Dive Freedom

As our guest, you are free to enjoy your own diving style, within the boundaries of safe and responsible diving. As such we set no limits on time, depth or style of diving outside of normal safe diving practices. You and your buddy are in charge, planning your own dive and diving your own plan. Buddy teams may follow one of our inexperienced groups, led by a Safety Diver, and come and go as you please.

Spirit of Freedom, dive deck action


Every dive begins with a detailed dive briefing. The dive staff are on deck providing surface support including a safety lookout. When available, dive staff may be in-water offering support with photography and critter spotting. Spirit of Freedom does not offer a full guided dive service. Our Safety Divers are assigned to those divers who are at risk or to assist students.

Spirit of Freedom-Diving In

Diving Entry

Most dives will be from the main boat, with the reef either below or a short swim away. On a drift dive you may dive from the dive tender and drift back to the boat. Re-entry is via dive ladder and our crew will be on hand to provide assistance.