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Special Expeditions

Far Northern Expeditions

Each year the Spirit of Freedom embarks on some far northern expeditions of discovery, diving and exploring remote and rarely visited reefs. Where do we go? The Far Northern Reefs, which are known as the isolated reefs north of Lizard Island, extending to the east the tip of Cape York peninsula, around 500 nautical miles north of Cairns.

This is one of the last totally pristine areas of the Great Barrier Reef. These reefs are seldom visited by any boats, and many of the hundreds of reefs in the region, are yet to be fully explored. The Far Northern reefs are famous for their fantastic wall dives, pinnacles alive with fish, massive coral heads and reef fish and invertebrates of incredible variety and colour. The nesting season for the green sea turtle runs from October through February, and November and December sees thousands upon thousands of turtles descending on the many small coral cays in the region.

Spring is also the best weather season to dive the outer walls, offering a great chance of encounters with sharks, manta rays and massive schools of pelagics. The diving in this region can be challenging, and these tours are only recommended for the experienced diver.

2019 Far Northern Expeditions dates:



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