Steve's Bommie
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False Entrance
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Silver City

Thu 21st September 2017 – Mon 25th September 2017

The guests began their four-day trip with a first dive on Ribbon Reef 10 with an enchanting visit to pixie gardens, so appropriately named. Almost like a puppy dog frolicking in the garden, a huge Maori Wrasse came to play with the enthusiastic divers. What a good start to this Coral Sea adventure.

We headed to Pixie Wall where we jumped in and cruised along finding some cool Nudibranches, Bumphead Parrot Fish and Pipefish.
Following with a night dive where we played god as the GT’s used our torch light to find their prey.

Jumping back on board SOF for our crossing out to Osprey Reef. Conditions were rather good, a few lumps, bumps and rolls but not too bad at all. Waking up for a morning dive at the amazing Castles where the guests enjoyed the fun swim throughs and topography of the site.

If there is one way to make any diver feel really small its dropping down for a wall dive out at Osprey reef, With 1000+ metres of blue abyss beneath us we cruised along the wall at The Gap. Looking out into the blue a rather large and inquisitive Grey Reef shark followed us for a while. These are the kind of moments that remind us why we all love to dive. Thank you Osprey!

After lunch we made our way over to Admiralty Anchor. We set off for an exciting dive navigating around the many swim throughs and caves this site offers. We kept our eyes open looking for Mantas but no luck just yet!

Leaving the best till last we waited it out at False Entrance for the perfect time to jump in for our final dive of the day. With small, to no current Falseys was turning it on! “Best dive yet” were some of the words muttered.
A massive school of jacks circling divers, schools of snapper, 8 or so grey reef sharks hunting in packs, barracuda, tuna, baby white tip reef sharks it was all happening as we cruised up and down the channels.

We kicked off our Saturday at North Horn with a morning dive up Soft Coral Wall. And as per usual the guests were quite impressed with the stunning display of beautiful fan corals and fish life. Looking out into the blue you could see the hungry grey reefies hanging around. There was even a Hammerhead spotted by one of our divers.

After a delicious 2nd breaky we all jumped in for the Shark Feed. Even the crew get excited for this dive. It was Instructor Niek’s first experience and Chef Simon got in on the action too. Even Captain Ross jumped in for the show. Good on ya Rossco.
As it is Angus’ last trip he volunteered as tribute to open the shark cage. All went well and the cage opened without a hitch. 2 large Silver Tip Sharks hung out in the bck. The very confident Mr Potato Cod came in a pushed a few grey reefies around. The guests loved it and we all made in back on board with all limbs attached. Success!

We headed over to Silver City for our 3rd dive where we saw some smaller stuff, Sweetlips, Parrot fish, big banana Nudis and Nemos.

We finished off the day at Nautalis Caves where some of our guests spotted a MANTA RAAAAY! We explored the little caves along the wall and all enjoyed our last dive out at Osprey. We battened down the hatches and prepared for our steam over the Coral Sea back into mainland Australia.

It’s Sunday Funday and we’re back in the Ribbon Reefs for a double dive at one of our favourite pinnacles, Steve’s Bommie. This site never fails to amaze us. With a nice bit of current running through it brought out all the little fish. Lots of fusiliers, unicorn fish, big eyed trevally, rabbit fish and mackerel. We also saw an Octopus, some epic Nudibranchs, a few Stonefish, our local resident Leafy Scorpion Fish, Nemos, Moray eels and a couple of green turtle. EVERYTHING.

Flair Point we saw not ONE but SEVEN Cuttlefish hanging out, some Nudiebranchs, blue spotted ray, and other cool stuff.

Last dive of our Coral Sea adventure was at Whistful Gardens. Where the guests enjoyed a peaceful dive around the corner of the bommie and up into the shallows. It was nice to see some beautiful healthy hard and soft corals.

That concludes another great 4 days of action packed adventure out in the Coral Sea!

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