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Mon 4th September 2017 – Thu 7th September 2017

Seventeen bright eyed divers joined us in Cairns on Monday the 4th September for our Cod Hole trip. We left on a warm sun drenched Morning and headed out to get out gills wet with a couple of dives for the arvo. Calm waters and no wind made for a beautiful trip to Norman Reef.

We started off with Playgrounds as our first site for the trip. A resident shark was weighting under the boat when we first jumped in kicking off things in style. We also had a green turtle come by for a look at what we were up to.

A calm evening for our trip north to Steve’s Bommie. With a few blurry eyes everyone was up at 630 in the morning for the first dive of the day. It is always great seeing the fish books come out after a dive at Steve’s and there were plenty of questions being asked about Nudibranchs and Stone Fish over 2nd brekkie.

Dive two was a slight current fed dive at Crack A Jack. With the current coming in the fish were being extra active and enjoying a good feed on all the particles as the washed by.

A perfect time to dive wonderland right at the beginning of the incoming tide so the visibility was up and the marine life was starting to get fired up. Lots of nice soft corals and fans hanging off the wall as well as Barracuda in the blue.

Challenger Bay is easily a crew favorite dive an is well worth it’s reputation. The afternoon dive started the excitement levels rising with a couple of sharks cruising about. With Moray Eels taking up their hunting positions and the hunted all trying to find available safe sleeping holes for the night the tension on the reef was getting very noticeable as we got closer to sunset.

Night diving and sharks, a combination that is always well received. Challenger Bay at its best with lost of grey clad sleek moving ghosts with toothy smiles joining us for the night dive.

Google Gardens is one of those places that when the tide is right and the dive gods are happy can create one of the most amazing dives we get. Today was just such a day where we had an eagle ray, silver tip shark, grey reef shark and a Leaopard Shark all in the one drift dive here. Add the stunning coral and the 40 meter vis and there was only one thing left to do, Add all of the images to the Google Library under the #awesome.

Light House Bommie was up next and a green turtle was happily posing for photos on too of the site as we descended. 3 Olive sea snakes hung around with us for the duration as well as a school of Barracuda mulling around the bottom. 2 dives down and more than a few great stories to be told.

Potato Cod Feeding is always a great experience for all to watch. We put the Ninja Sola to the task of feeding Chip and Spud this week. Crystal clear waters and well behave fish made for some very nice happy snaps and even happier people.

We have not been to Snake Pit for a while so decided that it was time to revisit this epic cleaning station and have a look at what has changed over the past few months. The great part is that it is just as good as ever with Eagle Rays buzzing over us and plenty of fish to catch the eye. Even the Sea Snakes are bigger and just as friendly as ever.

Lizard Island sunsets never get old and a cold beer in hand watching them is just the way to finish off a remarkable trip. Great people, great dives and great smiles.

Angus Rowe,
Trip Director.

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