MV Spirit Of Freedom
Steve's Bommie
-13.89, 146.55
False Entrance
Two Towers
Silver City

Mon 21st August 2017 – Thu 24th August 2017

Monday’s with 10 knots of wind are my kind of start to a week. Naturally we all love a calm sea but we still recommend people take sea sick tablets as we are not all accustomed to the motion in the ocean and it usually takes a day to get used to it. For a seasoned sailor 10 – 15 knots is lush.

We left Cairns baking in sunlight and glistening water all around as we made our way out to Turtle Bommie for our first two dive of our Cod Hole Adventure. The visibility matched the surface conditions with clear water and nice easy dives where we found a Cuttlefish and a Lazy Turtle doing Lazy Turtle stuff.

Day 2 and we started with a double dive at Steve’s Bommie. Octopus, Nudi’s, Sharks, Rays, Turtles, Clown Fish, Jacks, Barra’s, and well everything else really is what we saw on the dives. We even had people ask if we could just stay there all day. Of course we had other plans but it is always tempting to just stay.

Instead we headed North to Wonder Land where we had a look at all of the new Coral growth that is happening here. Over the last couple of years this area has had lots of new hard corals start to come thru and is definitely on the road to awesome.

For the final two dives we went to Challenger Bay where we shared stories of sharks in the dark before venturing in. The first dive with daylight involved was a little current affected by the end but we still saw a lovely Moray Eel as well as some nice schools of Snapper gathering up for the nights hunting activities. The night dive yielded a turtle as well as plenty of shark hunting action with one crazy grey reefie breaching at the back of the boat as he slammed a trevally on the surface.

Waking up to the sunrise over Ribbon Reef 9 was a great way to start day 3. We all jumped in for a dive and Lighthouse Bommie and it was freaking awesome yeeeeahhhh diving baaaaraaccuuuudaaasss. Grey Reef Sharks smashing a breakfast fit for a footy player and fish darting in every direction as the feeding got into high gear.

Google Gardens is one of the most impressive coral areas on the reef and with the current running we made the most of the 50 meter vis and explored with gusto. Huge fans and plate corals were in abundanc and everyone said it was by far some of the best coral they have seen any where in the world.

Cod Hole was our pick for the last two dives of the trip. The first dive everyone had a chance to explore the extremely unique sight before we did our Cod Feed attraction. For the feed we had 4 large and hungry Cod show up so we decided that Lucy should be the diver in the middle for all of this. The Cod behaved very well for her and she came out of the whole thing with a massive smile on her face, as did everyone else.

Lizard Island sunsets, I never get sick of them, going to watch another one. Until next time.

Angus Rowe,
Trip Diresctor.

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