Silver City
Steve's Bommie
-13.89, 146.55
False Entrance
MV Spirit Of Freedom
Two Towers

Mon 18th September 2017 – Thu 21st September 2017

All aboard Spirit of Freedom, 19 excited guests from all corners of the globe, 11 keen crew including a new TD in training, Lucy (meee). And back by popular demand, we have Instructor Ryan back on SOF for a cameo appearance. (We have missed him). It was a bit of a bumpy ride out to the reef but luckily most of us had taken our trusty travelcalm. We headed out to Saxon Reef to begin our first couple of dives of the trip. We got it started out at Turtle Bommie where we did both our afternoon dives. The dive site lived up to its name as we saw 2 big Green Turtles! Success! We also spotted a Devil Scorpion Fish, Octopus, Cuttlefish, and some interesting Flatworms. Good start!! We all got back on board Spirit for a delicious dinner and a steam up into the Ribbon Reefs.

Tuesday morning, there is no better way to start the day than a morning dive at one of our favourite dive sites… Steve’s Bommie. We saw plenty of Big Eyed Trevally, schools of Fusiliers and a Giant Barracuda. Many different kinds of Nudibranch’s and of course our usual suspects, Stonefish, Leafy Scorpion Fish and we found Nemo… again.

Next stop Crack a Jack for a second morning pinnacle dive and of course it didn’t disappoint. We saw 2 Scorpion Fish, Octopus, mackerel and fusiliers.

Captain Ross was feeling extra adventurous today so we headed further up the ribbons to check out a new dive site called Tower of Tomoko! Off we went on an exploration dive and what an adventure it was! A shallow bommie small enough to swim all the way around, We met some fishy friends as we slowly cruised along, plenty of Coral Trout and Giant Marbled Groupers, Nudibranches and beautiful soft corals. Guests said “Best dive of the trip”. Mission complete!

To finish off the day we moored up at Monolith for a double dive. Monolith by day and by night! Always a great dive out here with lots of GT’s, some Yellowfin Barracuda, white tip reef sharks, Grey Reefies, garden eels, turtles, and a massive school of jacks under the boat.

Woke up to some morning sunshine, which was nice to see the light finally breaking through the overcast sky we’ve had. We did our morning dive at Pixie Pinnacle with very nice conditions. We bumped into a Wobbegong shark, a green turtle and grey reef shark. Again guests said ” best dive of the trip”! it just keeps getting better. How do we top this? I know!

Next stop Google Gardens where it proves the Great Barrier Reef is alive and well. This dive site is honestly one of those places where you smile in your regulator and think about how awesome scuba diving is. Cuttlefish, Mantis Shrimp, Nemo’s, mackerel, mauri Wrasse and Anthias fish to name a few.

Then we arrived at the world famous Cod Hole for our Cod Feed dive. We all jumped in and were greeted by our very large round potato friends. Spud, Chip and the gang. It was on, they were hungry and so were the red basse!

Ending the trip at Comorant Caves for our last dive. The guests were happy to check out the caves and cruise along the wall. We saw some stingrays, moray eels and another turtle! Spirit of Freedom cruised into Lizard Island to moore up in Watsons Bay with a beautiful sunset to watch. The happy punters had a drink in hand and smiles for miles.

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