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Far North Exploratory Trip

Spirit Of Freedom departed the Cairns mariner on December 3rd, heading to the Coral Sea & the most northern part of the Great Barrier Reef on a ten-day expedition.

Over the course of the trip we did 36 dives starting out east in the Coral Sea at Bougainville Reef on day then onto Osprey Reef for the next batch of diving.

We then spent the remainder of the expedition in the upper GBR with our most northern point being Raine Island where we dove with countless Green Sea Turtles as they congregated off the Island as it was their breeding season. Through out the trip we encountered an array of marine life from large pelagic species in the likes of Sharks, Mackerel, Jacks as well as Mobular Rays to the teeny tiny macro life in the forms of Nudibranchs and Pygmy Seahorses, and of course spectacular corals.

With splendid weather and the most amazing bunch of guests, both polite and unproblematic we had an astounding trip.

Big shout out to Roy, Scott and Greg for keeping it real! To Jose and Feli the birthday boys, Cheers. Pepe you’re and underwater legend! And to all the rest for being so lovely.

Many thanks to all that joined us, happy holidays!

Trip Director

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