Silver City
-13.89, 146.55
False Entrance
Two Towers
Steve's Bommie
MV Spirit Of Freedom

7 Day Cod Hole, Ribbon Reefs and Coral Sea Trip

On this day the Helena Dive Group joined Spirit Of Freedom and all her crew in Cairns after traveling all the way from Montana, USA for a seven-day charter to the Ribbon Reefs and Coral Sea.

After the meets, greets and safety briefs we made way for Saxon Reef on the Outer Barrier Reef where we conducted our orientation dive followed by a dusk dive before heading 100 nautical miles east overnight to Holmes Reefs in the Coral Sea.

We had four dives through out the day at three different locations at Holmes before a change in the weather so we headed back to the Ribbon Reefs overnight and the next morning we awoke to beautiful conditions within the protection of the reef.

We started the day off by diving Ribbon #3 then moving north over the course of the day diving Ribbon #5, #7 and finishing it off by doing two dives on Ribbon #10 at challenger Bay, one of which being a night dive amongst hunting Giant Trevally and Reef Sharks.

That night we headed back out to the Coral Sea to Osprey Reef, nearly 200 nautical miles NE of Cairns. Diving out at Osprey Reef is like no other with steep deep walls going down to over 3000 Ft. from the surface and nearer the top the reef is littered with crevasses and swim throughs.

We also did a shark feed at the North Horn, more than two dozen Grey Reef Sharks showed up for a piece of the action and afterwards there was a few loose teeth to take home.

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