Steve's Bommie
Two Towers
Silver City
MV Spirit Of Freedom
-13.89, 146.55
False Entrance

4 Day Coral Sea Trip 9

A lovely March morning in Cairns as 12 guests embarked for a 3-day adventure out to see the best part of The Great Barrier Reef onboard Spirit of Freedom.

We set off out to the Reef where we stopped off at Norman Reef for our 1st two dives at Troppos. With the reef thieving with little reef fish along the way, it gave the divers a glimpse of was to expect out here.

As we sat for an amazing Asian style Salmon meal cooked up by our food wizard Simon, we started our steam up north towards the Ribbon Reefs.

Waking up at RR#3 for a dive at Steves Bommie, a great way to start the morning, then onto Crack A Jack. Two amazing pinnacles, booming with life- and all before lunch time! Sharks, Turtles, Rays and lots more.

Travelling further up to RR#8 to dive Tower of Tomoko, our aquanaut guests explored this coral covered haven.

We finished off a fantastic day with 2 dives at the famous Challenger Bay- one in the afternoon and the other later that night, with a delicious chicken dinner in between. White tip sharks, grey reef sharks, GTs, moray eels- all of our reef friends came out to say hello. An intense and exciting night dive to say the least, especially for those first time night divers! Well done!

A rainy start to our Wednesday morning out at Google Gardens, but that didn’t deter any of the keen punters as they jumped in to enjoy the impressive hard and soft corals that cover this expanse of reef. This site is one to remember! We moved up to Lighthouse Bommie where we dived into schools of Jacks and Barracuda, a big Grey Reef Shark hanging around and 2 Green Sea Turtles chilling on the bottom. Also cruising around were the sneaky Olive Sea Snakes. Always a great dive as this site attracts hundreds and thousands of amazing little fish that like to call Lighthouse Bommie home.

We then cruised all the way up to the top of RR#10 where we did a double dive at The Cod Hole. First off jumping into meet our Potato Cod Friends. As per usual there were a few hanging about waiting for their afternoon snack of pilchards. The visibility was pretty good, 15-20m which made for a great afternoon diving out on The Great Barrier Reef.

Once everyone was back onboard we steamed into Lizard Island where we enjoyed a lovely Aussie Style BBQ to finish off another amazing Cod Hole Trip. With Spirits high it was an awesome few days of great, fun and safe diving. Thank you all for a wonderful time onboard and underwater.

No Troubles… Just Bubbles
Lucy Hutchinson
Trip Director

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