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MV Spirit Of Freedom

4 Day Coral Sea Trip 4

It was Thursday the 18th of January when a plane full of adventurous divers flew into Lizard Island to join Spirit Of Freedom and her crew for the next four days as she set sail for the Coral Sea. The forecast was looking fine with an average of 15 knots to 20 knots coming from the southeast.

Over lunch we steamed to the Ribbon Reefs were we would conduct our orientation dives before making way for Osprey Reef. All went well and conditions were looking a little lumpy as we had a 9-hour steam out to Osprey over night.

We awoke in the middle of the Coral Sea at Osprey so we kicked off the day with a dive at Castles; here is the epitome of diving at Osprey as the topography shows old crevasses created by larva flow from when Osprey was a active volcano many moons ago. We had another four dives lined up for the rest of the day all along the western wall of the reef. The fifth dive was at the maze that is ‘Admiralty’ by night. Trevally darted through our torchlights and the crustaceans eyes glowed throughout the coral. We then spent the night at our overnight mooring for a good nights rest.

For our final day at Osprey we had an action packed day ahead starting off with a drift dive at ‘Around the Bend’ where sharks schooled and a Great Hammerhead came in and said hello. We then moved up to North Horn for our next three dives, two of which being drift dives along the outer walls and the final dive was our shark attraction dive where more than two dozen Grey Reef sharks showed up for the bonanza! It was then time to batten down the hatches as we made way back to the Ribbon Reefs over night.

When we awoke we were at Steve’s Bommie to do our first two dives of the day. This pinnacle is always teaming with life from big to small, Leafy Scorpion Fish hidden amongst the coral while Giant Trevally scourer the outskirts trying to catch a Fusilier off guard. On the second dive at Steve’s a Manta Ray circled around the bommie for over ten minutes to everyone’s delight. After lunch we moved down to the bottom of Ribbon #3 to dive Coral Princess Bommie and then onto Flair Point to finish off what has been a stellar trip out to the Coral Sea and back into the Ribbon Reefs. On the final evening together we shared a drink or two while we broke bread for Lorenzo’s birthday BBQ prepared by our amazing chef Sam.

Thank you all for joining us here aboard Spirit of Freedom and we’ll see you all again soon.

Trip Director

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