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4 Day Coral Sea Trip 35

It was the 24th of January and we had 4 guests staying on board, so we started out the day with a nice, sunny walk on Lizard Island beach and over Chainman’s Ridge and into the resort area where 2nd breakfast awaited us. This time they actually got to see the large lizards that the island was named after.  

Close to 10am we heading back to the boat and eagerly wait then new passengers on board. We saw the plan come in from the boat and knew it was only a matter of time before they were on board.  

The guests came on board and we started off the diving day after lunch by doing 2 afternoon dives and one night dive.  And boy did the night dive kick off for the passengers, we had lots of sharks, trevally, red bass and moray ells all hunting by their torch light, and getting in close and personal with them.  

After the night dive unfortunately we had some bad news to break in the fact that the weather had picked up and was going to make it too difficult to make it out to Osprey and that we would have to reassess each day. But it did mean we could do some awesome spots that we don’t normally get to do.  

First up we do one of Tony’s very special spots that we only get to with small groups, and you know it is good when the skipper jumps in for a dive, called Black Coral Bommie. This bommie has lots of life along with the elusive, rare and fragile Black coral bushes. We then did Snake pit where 4 eagle rays came to say hello to some of the passengers. Then we moved onto the Cod Hole to do a cod feed with the gentle giants, before finishing the day with a site we can only do with the right winds, Vertical Gardens.  

On the 3rd day we stayed up between Ribbon Reef 9-7, as the weather was still unrelenting and not letting gout to the Coral Sea. But we still had an amazing day and fitted in lots of diving. First up was Wonderland followed by nudi heaven Macro Mania, going onto a beautiful coral gardens of Branching Bliss, we finished off the day with a TD favorite of Cracker-Jack which didn’t disappoint anyone with it still be covered in life.   

On the final day of diving the weather really started to play havoc with us. With not many people getting much sleep due to the wind and swell, we started off with a military drill of a live drop straight onto the wild side of Joanie’s Joy, Then having to head south to try to find some protection, we went into explorer mode on Ruby Reef to a brand new dive site Candy Crush which everyone loved. Just as the TD was going to call dive time for a second dive there the river plume came through bringing visibility down to just 1 meter. So this meant we had to find another dive site and fast to be able to fit in 2 more dives for the day.   

So we headed further south still to Escape Reef and we thought it was only fitting to call this Convict. This was also an exploratory dive by everyone, due to the current on this bommie we had good fish life swimming around along with beautiful corals covering it. The passengers also got to see a baby eagle ray to finish off the day.  

Great fun was had by all despite the weather.  

And I would like to say a massive thank you to Lucy’s hard work over the last 2 years, she will be missed by all.  

I look forward to the next trip and hope the weather is a little better! 



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