MV Spirit Of Freedom
Two Towers
Silver City
-13.89, 146.55
False Entrance
Steve's Bommie

4 Day Coral Sea Trip 32

The crew, of Spirit of Freedom, greeted the oncoming, excited, 22 passengers on Thursday after a short scenic flight into Lizard Island from Cairns. Set to explore some of the Ribbon Reefs but mainly to go explore Ospray Reef in the Coral Sea.

After a couple of check out dives at Ribbon Reef 9 and finishing up with a special on Pixie Pinnacle as a night dive, which was macro life galore.

Straight after the night dive we started the long open ocean steam to start our, what turns out to be exploratory dive trip to Ospray reef. With the conditions being superb it meant we could have a bit more exciting diving in the form of being live drops direct from SoF onto the reef. We started on our one and only tie for the day on a dive called False Entrance, with lots of schooling barracuda and a couple of white tip reef sharks, with amazing visibility of 40+meters. After that the rest of the day was live drops along walls with drop offs of 2000+ meters.

On our second day of at Ospray we started again with our 1 tie up at Admiralty, where passengers had the opportunity to dive in a white tip baby nursery, in with the anchor swim through. One of the highlights for the day was on the third dive in which most of the passengers got to dive with a 8m whale shark. Then to top off the day we had the highlight of the trip being the shark feed dive, where we had a silver tip shark cruising in the back and around 30 grey reef sharks and a few white tip reef sharks and 3 big potato cods fighting their way to get some food.

After this fantastic day of diving we started to head back towards Cairns to dive the southern Ribbon Reefs, starting with a double at Steve’s Bommie in which some passengers got to see a green turtle and a mantis shrimp and 2 types of frog fish. Then finishing the day with 2 spectacular wall dives which were covered in life.

To finish the trip off we had a great fun BBQ night where everyone came together for a few drinks.

Thank you for all of the guests and crew who came on board making it the trip it was.

We hope to see everyone again soon.

Alice and Lucy

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