Steve's Bommie
Two Towers
Silver City
-13.89, 146.55
False Entrance
MV Spirit Of Freedom

4 Day Coral Sea Trip 30

It was a beautiful glass of day at Lizard Island as Spirit of Freedom sat in Watsons Bay with 11 crew and 6 7 day guests waiting for the 18 new guests to arrive onboard.

We set out into the GBR to start the Coral Sea Trip with a few dives in the Ribbons, a great start as we did a few shilled out day dives followed by a night dive involving lots of sharks and GTs.

We set out for our open ocean crossing to Osprey Reef, where we spent 2 days out there diving some amazing parts of the reef. We did some tender drops and drift dives as well as the shark feed up at north horn. We spent time exploring all the caves and swim through. We saw plenty of grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, and a range of little reef fish. Some lucky guests even spotted a few Manta rays and a Hammer Head out there. We had great conditions and a wonderful group of divers, which made for a fun time! We explored dives sites such as ATB, False Entrance, Castles, and Admiralty. 

We then headed back into the GBR to spend the day around ribbon reef 3+2. Steves Bommie offers a wide range of amazing marine life such as Stone Fish, Wobbegongs, Leafy Scorpion Fish, Nudibranchs, GTs, Sharks, Turtles and even a spotting of a very rare juvenile Winged Pipe Fish! 

Thanks for a great trip with some awesome dives and great conditions, the crew have enjoyed showing you the best parts of the Coral Sea and GBR.
A special mention to YUKI who spent her 30th birthday onboard and of course to our 7day guest who managed to get through a whole week with 26 dives on Spirit, Ziv & Robert, Tera & Kurt and Mike and Regis!

See you all again one day above or below the surface 

Lucy Hutchinson 

Trip Director

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