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4 Day Coral Sea Trip 3

Spirit of Freedom was moored up in Watsons Bay at Lizard Island as the new guests flew to meet there floating home for the next 4 days. Once all aboard and everyone was got accustomed to the Spirit way of safe and fun diving we headed out to the top on RR# 9 to do our first few dives.

Pixie Gardens then onto Pixie Wall, a nice cruisey way to start the Coral Sea trip with a few dives on the GBR. We then headed over to Challenger Bay to do our Night dive. One of the most exciting night dives around the reef, the sharks and GTs have learnt to use our flashlights to find their prey. For those jumping in for their first ever night dive it is definitely not one to be forgotten quickly.


We prepared SOF for the open ocean crossing out to Osprey Reef we had a nice 4-dive day ahead of us. Osprey is an impressive underwater mountain structure with wall dropping down to 1000+M, many caves, swim throughs and magnificent typography to explore. All though there isn’t as many different species of reef first out here it is home to some fish only found out in the Coral Sea, as well as some much larger pelagics marine life.

We headed to Castles, where we had our first sighting of a Hammer Head, then onto Spirit Plateau to explore the recently discovered sight, and onto The Gap where ANOTHER Hammer Head was spotted cruiseing past the divers at about 20M. Then onto Admiralty to explore all the caves, swim-thoughs and channels.


Day 2 out at Osprey we started it off with an awesome current dive at Around The Bend, which gave us yet another Hammer Head interaction.  Then we headed up to North Horn, where we spent the rest of the day. Blue Marlin Wall with a 2 current is a lot of fun; The Shark feed was next up with lots of Grey Reef Sharks, White Tips, and Mr Potato Cod coming in for the feeding frenzy. It was Instructor Niek’s first time to open the cage and he pulled it off without any troubles. Our last dive was another tender drop up Soft Coral Wall where guests enjoyed the beautiful rainbow coloured soft corals and gorgonian fans displayed on this wall. However another Hammer Head Shark stole the show, swimming right up and almost posing in front of my camera. It has been awesome diving around Osprey Reef with lots of surprises out in the blue.


Waking up Sunday morning to glass out conditions back on The GBR with a morning dive at Crack A Jack, then to Steve’s Bommie for 2 dives and finishing things up at Flair Point. Plenty of GT’s, Big eyed Trevally, Turtles, Barracuda, Damsel Fish, Stone Fish, Leafy Scorpion Fish and Nudibranchs.


Another successful Coral Sea Trip with some great adventurous dives, and exciting sightings of Marine Life


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