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MV Spirit Of Freedom

4 Day Coral Sea Trip 29

It was a beautiful calm day on Lizard Island, SOF was moored up in Watsons Bay and the 12 7dayers we’re enjoying the sun as 14 new well rested divers came aboard for our 4 day Coral Sea Trip.

We headed out to Ribbon reef 9 where we did 3 dives, it was great to jump into the beautiful GBR and enjoy the coral structures and marine life of the buzzing GBR. We did our night dive at Challenger Bay where we had sharks and GTs getting very close looking for there innocent little reef fish for dinner.

Spirit then set out for our open ocean crossing out into the Coral Sea where we awoke a Osprey Reef, an amazing reef system with great wall dives and typography. There are plenty of caves and crevasse to explore. We were lucky enough to spot Manta Rays on 2 of our dives one at Nautulis Caves and another up a North Horn as well as a lonesome Hammerhead cruising in the blue.

We dived some of the best spot including Soft Coral Wall, Castles, and Admiralty and of course did the shark feed which was crazy! We saw Potato Cods and Grey Reef Sharks, Moray Eels and Eagle Rays.
The conditions were with us and we had almost glass out conditions for our second day at Osprey, the sun was shining the visibility was 40+M and the guests were enjoying all the dives.
We then headed back into The GBR for another 4 dive day where we enjoyed Steve’s Bommie for the morning before finding a new site with great coral coverage around ribbon #2 which we named Sunday Switch then onto Joanie’s Joy another great coral gardens dive.

It was a wonderful trip with great marine life sightings and good conditions. The guests enjoyed themselves as well as the crew. 

We hope you had the best Liveaboard experience out on the GBR and Coral Sea and thanks to all our awesome guests for making it a lot of fun! 


Trip Director

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