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Steve's Bommie
Two Towers
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Silver City

4 Day Coral Sea Trip 26

It was a rather windy day at Lizard Island while 17 new guests flew into meet SOF moored up in Watsons Bay. With our 7day day guest Kev, Sue and Anna waiting to head back out to the reef.

Once all were aboard we made our way out to Ribbon 9. Pixie Gardens followed by Monolith for a double dive. A great way to start things off with an exciting night dive with plenty of sharks and lots of little critters to find on the night dive.

The weather conditions for our usual steam out to the Coral Sea weren’t looking the best, with 25-30 knot winds and gusts of 37 knots; Skipper Rob made the call to stay safe and protected within the barrier reef. This meaning we stayed in the Ribbon Reefs and did 4 awesome days of diving out there.

We hit up some of our best sites, like The Cod Hole, Pixie Pinnacle, Google Gardens, we even check out Harrier Reef and even put on an extra dive with a night dive at Pixie Pinnacle.

It was super exciting for guests and crew to do a night dive here as its not a usual spot. But the Pinnacle was alive with GTs, Cod, Unicorn fish and morays all zipping around hunting! We tried out some new spots that we don’t usually get to that often which meant some change of plans along the way, in the true spirit of freedom way the plans changed almost every hour.

As crew were battling with 25knot winds and finding mooring lines, however that didn’t stop us from getting it done and diving some great parts of Ribbon 7-5.

Our last day was spent at Steves bommie where we found loads of macro life as well as big schools of jacks, some reef sharks, turtles, mackerel and Anthias everywhere! Onto Joanies Joy and then Gardeners Corner to enjoy a couple of nice cruisey coral gardens dives, where some guests spotted some rays and a huge Green Turtle.

We finished off the trip with a BBQ dinner onboard made by our personal Captain cook, Hanna who made our days a whole lot better with all her food. Thank you to all the wonderful guests we had onboard and we hope to see you in the near future when winds are a little bit calmer and maybe we can all make our way out to the Coral Sea.

You will just have to come back and dive with Spirit again 😊

Lucy Trip Director

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