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4 Day Coral Sea Trip 25

On Thursday the 13th of September Spirit of Freedom waited patiently in Watson’s Bay of Lizard Island as a bouncy bunch of adventurous dives flew into the island from Cairns.

With a four-day dive expedition out to the Coral Sea planned ahead we were in for a wild weekend!

On Thursday afternoon we did the first two dives of the total of 15 on Ribbon Reef #10 before our overnight voyage out to Osprey Reef, which lays 100 Nautical Miles off the Queensland coast.

Our first day at Osprey was action packed with five dives planned. We started upat North Horn and worked our way down the western edge of the reef ending up on a site called Admiralty where we also did a night dive to finish off an epic daybefore retiring on our overnight mooring for a peaceful nights rest and a bit of catch up on sleep.

On our second day at Osprey we returned back up to North Horn to catch the tides and did an amazing drift dive along Marlin Wall where the visibility was 30m+ (over 100ft). Later in the day we did the ever-entertaining shark attraction dive, which never ceases to amaze with more than two dozen Grey Reef Sharks showing up for a piece of the action as well as a Silver Tip popping in to say G’day. We did a total of nine dives at Osprey before making our way back to the Ribbon Reefs for our last day of diving.

The Ribbon Reefs offer a range of different sites, from deep Pinnacles to shallow coral gardens. We spent the morning at one of our top sites Steve’s Bommie, spotting tones of amazing sea creatures, from Schools of Jacks, fusiliers, GTs to tiny Nudibranchs, Leafy Scorpion Fish and Turtles. We then headed to a nice easysite to finish off our trip enjoying diving around the beautiful coral bommie structures that make up the GBR.

That concludes a great Coral Sea trip, with wonderful conditions and diving as well as a awesome bunch of really fun guests!

Thanks for the good times friends of Spirit!


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