MV Spirit Of Freedom
Two Towers
-13.89, 146.55
False Entrance
Steve's Bommie
Silver City

4 Day Coral Sea Trip 24

After a lovely Scenic flight up the coast the guests came to meet Spirit of Freedom as she Sat waiting patiently in Watsons Bay of Lizard Island.

With all aboard we headed out to the tip of the ribbon reefs for 3 days to begin our Coral Sea adventure.

It was really nice weather and the winds didn’t bother us too much! The night dive at Monolith was a great way to finish off the day before we stowed the vessel in preparation for our crossing out to Osprey Reef.

We spent 2 days out on Osprey Reef, which offers some incredible Walls to explore. With plenty of swim throughs and caves with over hangs and caverns toget lost in. It’s easy to feel tiny in comparison with these huge drop offs down to 1000+M. Some of the highlights of Osprey had to be Soft Coral Wall, which lit up from the amazing range of soft corals covering the whole wall; the shark feed of course was an experience in its self. We had about 40-50 Grey Reef Sharks come in for the feeding frenzy as well as 2 big potato Cod and 3 Silver Tips cruising in theBlue. We did a few tender drops and a few current dives to spice things up. The typography of Osprey is impressive in itself but we also loved seeing some of the smaller reef life like Sweet Lips, Fire Dart Fish, Black Spotted Puffer, Humphead Maori Wrasse, Parrot Fish and six banded Angel Fish.

After a big few days out in the Coral Sea we stowed SOF once again for ourcrossing back into the GBR. Finishing off our last day around RR#3 Steve’s Bommie and Joanie’s Joy. Steve’s was covered in amazing marine life to find, Schools of Jacks, GTs, Reef Sharks, Cods, Moray Eels, Leafy Scorpion Fish and heaps of colourful nudibranchs.

That brings us to the end of out 4 day adventure, thank you to our 7 day guests Joe and Evan! Also a special shout out to Dive Adventures from Dive Centre Bondi, Jadi and her crew, was great having you onboard.

Thank you to all of the guests for an awesome few days exploring the depths of the Coral Sea and GBR!

No troubles, Just Bubbles
Lucy Hutchinson Trip Director

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