-13.89, 146.55
False Entrance
Silver City
Two Towers
Steve's Bommie
MV Spirit Of Freedom

4 Day Coral Sea Trip 22

All guests boarded spirit of freedom from a smoky Lizard island, without delay we made our way down to pixie gardens for a quick checkout dive then on to monolith where we did an arvo dive and a night dive.

The night dive was the highlight of the day, everyone getting to see some sharks hunting their prey along with the trevally and red bass.

After a good night sleep and a very smooth crossing we arrived at osprey reef where we started our day at false entrance, a really good dive with a bit of current. Schools of big eye trevally were hanging around the back of the boat and a few even spotted a nemo protecting its eggs.

Moving around the reef to castles and nautilus caves, we did a couple of good wall dives where everyone could get a sense of the depth of osprey. For the last dive of the day we drove down to admiralty, a dive that boasts some amazing topography, caves and swim throughs.

On day two of Osprey we started just south of north horn at a site called “Pavona” it was a great warm up for north horn itself as there was good vis and a few sharks hanging around in the deep, a great way to wake up but the real excitement was still to come as we tied up to the horn.

To start everyone off we did a drift down blue marlin wall. Several sharks and the deep blue made for a great drift dive. On to the shark feed and everyone was excited/nervous to jump in. underwater the sharks were getting a bit hangry so we puuled the cage down and got the feed underway. Lots of action ensued and all the pax got some great shots.

With good weather we made the decision to head to bouganville and the gamble paid off with the wind dropping off to 10-15 knots and the first dive at corner shop showed off some great fish life and a decent bit current.

Thanks to all for joining us, we hope to see you onboard again!

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