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False Entrance
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Steve's Bommie

4 Day Coral Sea Trip 20

On a slightly raining Thursday morning, 26 guests from Chinese Divers a dive group whom travelling all the way from Hong Kong, China.

Anna & Rocky brought 24 of their dive buddy’s along to Australia to enjoy a 4 day diving adventure. They boarded Spirit as she sat in Watsons Bay and were very excited to begin their Coral Sea Dive Trip.

We headed out to Ribbon 9 where we dived Pixie Gardens for a check out dive before heading over to Challenger Bay for 2 dives. An afternoon and Night dive. We then prepared the vessel for our very bumpy crossing out to Osprey Reef.

We had 20-25 Knots winds, which meant the crossing was going to quite rough, however after a couple of travel calms and an early night for some it was good preparation for the voyage ahead.

Waking up at Osprey Reef makes it all worth it when you drop down for your first wall dive! Osprey offers many different sections along the reef where you can enjoy the impressive typography.

Lots of big sheers walls going down to unbelievable depths and amazing pinnacle structure to swim around and explore. Also plentyof caves, over hangs and caverns to discover.

We dived a number of our favorite sites, like False Entrance, Castles, Nautilus Caves, Admiralty, The Gap and Silver City. Before we headed up to North Horn to play with the sharks. We dived around Soft Coral Wall and finally finished it off with the Shark Feed. About 50 grey Reef Sharks along with White Tip Reef Sharks, a potato Cod and an inquisitive Silver Tip Coming in for a look.

The winds dropped down on the 2nd day at Osprey so we had some really nice calm weather and great visibility.

We headed back to the GBR for another full day of diving. We did a double at Steve’s Bommie, Temple of Doom and then finished off with a nice Coral Gardens dive at Joanie’s Joy.

It was a wonderful trip full of wonderful dive sites and great marine life.We thank you all for choosing Spirit of Freedom to show you the best parts of the Coral Sea and hope to see you all again soon!

Lucy Hutchinson Trip Director

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