MV Spirit Of Freedom
Steve's Bommie
Two Towers
Silver City
-13.89, 146.55
False Entrance

4 Day Coral Sea Trip 17

It was a lovely Thursday morning as Spirit of Freedom sat moored up In Watsons Bay off Lizard island. The planes flew in and the new guests boarded spirit.

We set out to Ribbon reef 9 to get started with a few dives, once everyone got the gills wet again and saw the beauty of the northern ribbon reefs we jumped in after the sun had set for our night dive at Monolith. The Sharks, GTs and red bass were out and about trying to find their evening meals.

We tied down the boat and prepared for our voyage out into the Coral Sea. Waking up at Osprey Reef after a somewhat bumpy ride. It all makes it worth the travel when you jump in for your first dive at Osprey. We started off at False Entrance, with exceptional visibility and good conditions it was amazing dropping down onto schools of barracuda and big eyed trevallys. We then spent the day doing some epic wall dives along Osprey Reef. We headed to The Gap, Silver City and Nautilus Caves. It’s an amazing feeling dropping down onto the sheer walls of Osprey.

The next day we geared up for a full day of tender drops and sharks! Starting off at ATB for a deep dive out on the plateau, then heading up to North Horn for 2 amazing drift dives along Blue Marlin Wall and Soft Coral and to finish off our time at Osprey we did an awesome Shark Feed with 30-40 Grey Reefies coming in!

We then headed back into the Great Barrier Reef for another full day of diving, starting off at Steves Bommie for a double dive, we enjoyed cruising around the bommie covered in fusiliers, snappers, jacks, GTs, sharks and turtles. Before headed out to Temple of Doom where we spotted a minke whale as we were tying up. So lucky guests got a close encounter with a minke swimming underneath them.

As we cruised up to Joanies Joy we had a pod of Dolphins surfing at the bow of Spirit. A perfect way to end the trip!

Thank you to all the awesome guests we’ve had onboard, we hope you enjoyed the Spirit way of diving and hope to see you all underwater again soon.

No Troubles, Just Bubbles
Lucy Hutchinson
Trip Director

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