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4 Day Coral Sea Trip 16

Come late morning on the 5th of July Spirit Of Freedom had once again departed Cairns on a four day, 15 dive expedition to the Coral Sea and back again.

With the forecast looking reasonable over the weekend after a couple of dives and also a night dive at Norman Reef, Spirit headed NE to Bougainville Reef which lays 125 Nm from Cairns out in the middle of the Coral Sea.

Friday consisted of four spectacular dives along its walls, which is littered with swim throughs while large Dog Tooth Tuna patrol its edges.

Overnight we steamed up to Osprey reef, a further 100 Nm north of Bougainville. Osprey is an old extinct volcano, which rises up from the depths with the top been leveled by extreme weather over many, many years.

Saturday comprised of another four dives offer an array of styles from statics to drifts and tender drops, in while lets not forget the ever so popular shark attraction dive where over 30 grey whales come join in on the action with the occasional Silver Tip and Hammer Head.

That evening we had another long leg SW, again over 100 Nm down to Ribbon Reef No.3 with the first dive in our final day being at the notorious ‘Steve’s Bommie’. This Pinnacle attracts all walks of life in the underwater world from tiny nudibranchs to large hunting pelagics, turtles and of course Nemo!

Come lunchtime the wind had really picked up reaching 30 Knots so we snuck into Flair Point for the final two dives of the trip.

Just above Ribbon #2 we had a couple of lovely dives in a sheltered bay where in the shallows is home to some of the most colourful corals, resting sharks and a pair of Cuttle Fish.

On our final evening we had a fabulous family BBQ while we made our overnight steam all the way back down to Cairns.

Thank you to those who joined us on this Coral Sea expedition what a pleasure it was having you all on board and until next time Happy Days!!

Ellis Trip Director

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