Steve's Bommie
Two Towers
Silver City
MV Spirit Of Freedom
-13.89, 146.55
False Entrance

4 Day Coral Sea Trip 12

It was a lovely Thursday morning as Spirit of Freedom sat at Watsons Bay, Lizard Island. The guests flew in to meet her and we headed on out to the GBR to do our first check out dive at Pixie Gardens, then headed over to Monilith to do our afternoon and night dive. The sharks and GTs were buzzing about as we cruised around with our torches lighting up the coral bommies. A great start to our 4 day Coral Sea Adventure.

This was just a warm up with what was to come over the next few days, as we prepared the vessel for an over night steam out into the Coral Sea. It was a rather bumpy ride out there but all made it worth it as we woke up Friday morning to our first dive out at Osprey Reef. Starting it off with tender drops at ATB (Around the Bend), 5 baby white tips nestled in a cave before we cruised down to the cleaning station where Barracuda surrounded us and Grey Reef sharks circled in the blue. We then jumped in at Castles to explore the swim throughs and caves along the sheer wall. Then onto The Gap and finishing the day off at Admiralty, where the divers enjoyed navigating their way around the impressive typography of Osprey Reef. Plenty of amazing reef life, sharks and even 2 massive Manta Rays spotted in the blue. It was also Liam’s 27th birthday and what a way to spend it, diving some of the best sites out here in the Coral Sea. Happy Birthday LIAM we hope you had an amazing day turning 27 in the Coral Sea!

Saturday morning we started things off with a wall dive at Silver City, to explore some nice typography and underwater structures before heading up to North Horn for the remainder of the day. We did tender drops up both Blue Marlin and Soft Coral Wall to before jumping in for our last dive doing the Shark Feed. The Grey Reefies were well and truly ready for a bite to eat, as they knew we’d been hanging around all day. It was a rather intense and exciting feed and the sharks got very close to our divers but what a feeling to be in the water with these majestic and impressive animals! We even had, Mr Potato Cod and a couple of Silver Tips cruise into investigate the commotion. Sharks are Awesome! Thank you Osprey for showing up some great dives.

Its Sunday Funday and we awoke back on The GBR for a morning dive at Rouge and then onto Clam Gardens on RR#5 to enjoy the nice shallow coral reefs and sloping sand banks. Then moving down to RR#3 for a double dive at our favorite site… Steves Bommie. It was a perfect way to finish off our Coral Sea Adventure. With an awesome bunch of divers, the weather that didn’t stop us from doing our Spirit thing, it was another successful trip and very much enjoyed by all guests and crew!
Thank you for a wonderful trip and we hope to dive with you all again in the future!

No troubles… Just Bubbles
Lucy Hutchinson
Trip Director

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