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Silver City

4 Day Coral Sea Trip 11

A lovely calm day up in the Far North as 7 guests enjoyed their scenic flight up to Lizard Island to meet the 7 other guests who stayed on from The Cod Hole Trip. Once all 14 guests were on board, the crew were ready to drop the lines and make our way out to RR#9 for our 1st dive of our Coral Sea Adventure.
We jumped in at Pixie Gardens and then headed round to Monolith for a double dive, including our night dive. With everyone quite advanced and confident in their diving skills, we were all ready to step it up and see what Osprey Reef had to offer us.

We headed out into the Coral Sea and made our way to the most Northern part, North Horn where we did a Live drop on Blue Marlin Wall, followed by the Shark Feed. There were plenty of Reef Sharks hanging around and during the feed we had a large Silver Tip come in as well. It was a great start to our 2 days out here. Then we headed over the admiralty to enjoy the interesting site of swim-throughs and caves, finishing our day at False Entrance where Jacks & Barracuda were schooling under the boat.

After a good night sleep we started the morning off with a Live Drop at Pavona, where we enjoyed the large structure of hard coral, schooling Barracuda, Reef Sharks and a small Eagle Ray! For the rest of the day we moved over to the East side of Osprey where we could find protection from the Southerly winds and the visibility was amazing! The last 3 sites were exploratory dives along the south, east side of Osprey; it was great conditions for us with almost glass out seas, beautiful sunshine and 30+M visibility. Osprey offers so much diversity with the different walls and structures to explore.

We then made our way back into the Ribbon Reefs, of The GBR and dived RR#5, Georges Bay, and then headed over to Crack A Jack; an amazing pinnacle dive loaded with all sorts of marine life. We then moved down to RR#3 for a double dive at Steves Bommie. We found the Wobbegong shark, Stone Fish, Leafy Scorpion Fish, thousands of colourful Anthias lite up the bommie and a range of Anemone fish covered the top.

We were lucky with great weather and a great bunch of divers for our Coral Sea Adventure; it was nice to enjoy a few cold beers as we watched the sun set over the seas of The Great Barrier Reef.
Thank you to all our wonderful guests for an exciting and adventurous trip! We hope to see you all underwater again soon.

No Troubles, Just Bubbles!

Lucy Hutchinson
Trip Director

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