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False Entrance
Two Towers
Steve's Bommie
MV Spirit Of Freedom
Silver City

4 Day Coral Sea 9

Starting the trip with a scenic flight over the reef, the passengers were greeted at Lizard Island by their taxi over to spirit of freedom(SOF).
With only 11 guests on board there was plenty of space for everyone to spread out and get comfortable for the next few days diving the ribbons and osprey.

First up we steamed down to Pixie Reef for a check out dive and a night dive. With a very experienced group the check outs went smooth at Pixie Gardens and then a quick move up the reef to Pixie Wall. The visibility was not ideal here but we made the best of it and we hunted for the small things on the wall.

After everyone was introduced to the epic meals at dinner, we got ready for the night dive. As the visibility improved the dive was a huge success, many sharks were spotted and also lots of nudi’s and flatworms. After the dive the guests were briefed about making our way to osprey as we dropped ropes and started steaming.

Upon our arrival to osprey, we were greeted by very little wind and surprisingly calm seas, which allowed us to try a few sites that are not always accessible. First up was A-Maz-ing which offered up a deep wall, incredible vis and even a few silver tips.

Another live drop meant we were able to have a look on the wild side of osprey which all the guest plus crew loved as its not often this side gets explored.
Back to the normal side of the reef and we moved back to secret caves and false entrance for the afternoon.

False entrance was loved by all for the topography, beautiful sandy areas and a huge school of trevally right near the bow mooring.

Our second day at osprey brought a day of live drops as mother nature was not co-operating, but that was not going to stop us getting in the water.

We started the day at spirit plateau which we’ve come to know as a turtle haven out at osprey. Paired with morays and amazing vis it was a good way to start the day.

Next up was North Horn and Blue Marlin Wall, where today it earned its name, a 3 meter marlin was spotted by one of the crew although there was no second verification?

To finish off a big day of diving we moved to the other side of north horn wall and dove Pavona and then up to the point for the famous shark feed.

The sharks were hungry as we delayed their snack time until the end of the day and were quite eager to get to the food. We thought best not to delay too long and the cage opened up with a flurry of action. With everyone getting some good footage we ended the dive and prepared the vessel for departure back to the Great Barrier Reef.

After an all night steam we arrived at Steve’s Bommie where we would spend all morning as there is too much to see in just one dive. As expected Steve’s provided the team with two amazing dives with all the usual suspects making an appearance, lionfish, leafy scorpion fish, stone fish and schools of trivially.

After another great morning at Steve’s we moved on to our afternoon dives Joanie’s joy and coral princess bommie, which were nice and easy to round out the trip.

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