MV Spirit Of Freedom
Silver City
-13.89, 146.55
False Entrance
Steve's Bommie
Two Towers

4 Day Coral Sea 6

Spirit Of Freedom was waiting in Watsons Bay for the 15 new Guests to fly into Lizard Island and meet the 7 guests staying on for their Coral Sea Adventure.
We headed to Ribbon #9 for a dive at Pixie Gardens, this allowed the new guests to get their gills wet and get accustomed to the spirit way of diving. Then onto Monilith for a double dive, where we did a great dive along the wall structure to the big expanse of Pavona coral and then jumped in again for our night dive where the Grey Reef Sharks, Red Bass and GTs were out hunting, using our flash lights to find their prey. A very exciting night dive to begin our trip, we then prepared the vessel for our overnight steam out into the Coral Sea to Osprey Reef.

We awoke with southerly winds so started our morning at Osprey reef with a wall dive at Silver City then headed up to North Horn for 2 dive. A drift dive down Blue Marlin Wall where one lucky guest spotted a Hammer Head. Osprey Reef offers a great number of different walls to dive with depths dropping well below 1000m. The massive underwater structures of the reef are an impressive place to dive. Then it was time to get prepared and jump in for our shark attraction dive. With 30-40 big Grey Reef Sharks and White Tips cruising around waiting for us to release the tuna heads. It was our little DM/Hostess Chris’ time to open the shark cage and she was feeling pretty eager and excited! Chris went in with confidence and cut the zip tie, which allowed for the bait to be release and the feeding frenzy began. Then moving on to Admiralty to navigate our way through all the channels and swimthroughs. Even spotted a pink Lacey Scorpion Fish chilling out by the anemone fish.

The next day was all about wall dives, Osprey offers a wide range of crazy sheer wall, awesome plateaus and impressive underwater coral structures. We started at Castles with all the swimthroughs and Gorgonian Fans, then The Gap to enjoy a steady sloping wall and great gaps in the shallower reef, then Half Way Wall and finally finishing our last dive at Osprey at Admiralty again. However this dive was a pretty special one for a couple of our guests. Kev and Pearl from Hong Kong travelled all the way to Australia to dive some of the best sites around and Kev decided it was a perfect oportunity to propose to his lovely lady. Kev took her down to a nice sandy patch and as they kneeled down he flipped through a waterproof photobook with the last page asking her “ WILL YOU MARRY ME?” without hesitation it was a definite OKAY from Pearl! What a way to finish off our Osprey dives with an UNDERWATER PROPOSAL. Congratulations to the lovely, young couple Kev & Pearl!

Sunday we awoke back in the Ribbons for a double dive at our favorite Steves Bommie where we spotted EVERYTHING! From Wobbegong Sharks, Turtles, GTs, Stone Fish, Leafy Scorpion Fish, Sharks, and Nudibranchs not to mention the 10000 other fish brightening up the already so colourful bommie. Then onto Joanies joy and then finishing up at Gardeners Corner, with plenty of happy divers as spirits were high finishing off another awesome Coral Sea and GBR diving adventure.

No Troubles… Just Bubbles

Trip Director SOF

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