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False Entrance
Two Towers
Silver City
Steve's Bommie
MV Spirit Of Freedom

4 Day Coral Sea 3

Coral Sea NYE The planes flew into Lizard Island on a glorious Thursday morning, as Spirit Of Freedom waited in Watsons Bay for 24 new guests to land and jump onboard for an adventure out into the Coral Sea. We made our way out to Ribbon Reef #9 for our first couple of dives of the trip.

Starting at Pixie Gardens and then over to Pixie Wall. Lots of Pipefish, White Tip Reef Sharks and Trevally to see.

We prepared to vessel for our overnight steam out into the Coral Sea, heading out to Osprey was rather nice as the weather and the winds held back for our cruise out there.

Waking up in the morning with not another boat or diver in sight. The dive sites we did were Castles, The Gap, False Entrance and then 2 at Admiralty; including the night dive.

The first day out at Osprey is always a nicestarter to what this reef has to offer with great wall drop offs and sensational typography and crazy caves and swim throughs. You tend to feel so small and miniscule in comparison to these magnificent underwater structures, most larger than city buildings. Its always an experience in itself and one every diver wants to feel.

Waking up Saturday morning for an exploration dive out on a new part of the reef we plotted. This no name site has a great plateau leading out of the reef with a sheer, almost vertical wall drop off. In the shallows there are many coral bommie towers to weave your way through. Plenty of Turtles to see which can be sometime rare out here at Osprey, as well at Tunas, Grey Reef Sharks and White Tip Reef Sharks.

Then we headed up to North Horn were we did 2 drift dives down Blue Marlin Wall and Soft Coral Wall, with our Shark Feed in between. Plenty of Sharks, impressive walls, great soft coral and photo opportunities to be had, all in all everyone had a great time diving some of the best sites out in the Coral Sea.

With a cruisey steam back into The Ribbon Reefs we spent the last day of 2017 at Steve’s Bommie and then onto Flair Point and finishing up at Coral Princess Bommie.

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