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Two Towers
Steve's Bommie
MV Spirit Of Freedom
-13.89, 146.55
False Entrance

4 Day Coral Sea 2

What a spectacular day it was at Lizard Island as Spirit Of Freedom welcomed on it’s guests for her Christmas cruise to the Coral Sea. The weather forecast was looking lovely for the rest of the week with 10 – 15 knots from the SE making it a pleasant crossing out to Osprey Reef.

Once everyone was aboard we headed south towards the bottom of Ribbon Reef #10 where we conducted out first two dives of the trip before starting our 10 hour journey to Osprey Reef.

On Friday the 22nd of December we awoke out in the middle of the Coral Sea at Osprey. The conditions were prime for a drift dive at ‘Around The Bend’.
We loaded up the tenders and dropped everyone up current from Spirit so by the end of the dive they all popped up behind the boat. Several sharks circled the dive site as Barracudas schooled in the hundreds. Dive two was at Nautilus Caves whilst dive three was further up the reef at The Gap. In the Afternoon we moved over to Admiralty for dive four & five, the latter being our night dive.

Osprey Reef offers some amazing topography as old larva flow has carved many cracks and crevasses into the reef making for exiting dive routes and also being such a large sea mount in the middle of the Coral Sea it has a high concentration of marine life from big to small.

That night we all got a good nights rest in as we sat on our overnight mooring to recharge the batteries for another full on day out at Osprey.

Shortly after daybreak we were tied up at North Horn, here we would do the next three dive with the first two being drift dives along both walls towards the ‘Horn’. After lunch we did the much anticipated shark attraction dive! More than two dozen Grey Reef Sharks showed up making it an intense frenzy once the lid of the tuna filled cage opened up, just the sheer ferocity is a sight to behold. Our final dive out at Osprey Reef was at Castles. This site epitomizes the diving style of Osprey with a bottomless wall with carved crevasses leading in towards the lagoon of the reef.

We enjoyed two fabulous day at the remote reef but it was time to start making our way back home with a day in the Ribbon Reefs before we make it back to Cairns.
After an all night steam back to the Ribbons we started our final day of diving at Crack’A’Jack, which is on Ribbon #5. A magnificent pinnacle that rises up from 40m and is littered with life. Dives two & three were at the notorious Steve’s Bommie, one before lunch and the other after. Our final dive of the day was down in between Ribbon #2 & #3 at Flair Point, beautiful coral gardens to finish off a beautiful trip. After a fantastic day in the Ribbon Reefs it was time for some festive drinks with the sun setting in the background followed by a massive Christmas feast thanks to our chef Sam. Thank you all for sharing your Christmas with us and we’ll see you next time, Happy Days!

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