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False Entrance
MV Spirit Of Freedom
Steve's Bommie
Silver City

4 Day Coral Sea 15

Thursday morning came and the crew anxiously awaited news on what the weather was going to decide on what Tony the Skipper decided on what to do. But the crew had to get thoughts of weather out of their heads as they saw the Hinterland scenic flight come into land and greet the new excited passengers on board.

After the 2 check out dives Tony decided to do the night dive that night at Challenger Bay as it is an adrenaline pumping night dive, but it was also during this dive that he decided that the conditions weren’t favourable for us to head out to the Coral Sea, but to stay around the Ribbon Reefs.

There were a few disappointed faces in the passengers but we promised to give them the best diving we could offer!

We started Friday staying around Ribbon Reef 10 with Pixie Wall, followed by Lighthouse, Dynamite Pass and ended the day on an extra high and an unexpected cod feed.

On Saturday we started to move down the Ribbons to 9 then to 7, trying to give them the best and most varied diving we could, but the weather was relentless with wind speeds regularly hitting 35 knotts and horizontal winds. But this wouldn’t dampen the spirits of the crew or the passengers. The slogan for the trip was “poor Courto” who had to be out in the tender bring in the lines to the boat in these conditions, which she did amazingly well and impressing all of the customers.

Sunday started on high spirits as the weather seemed to be dying down a little bit, as we could see a few bits of blue in the sky and the sun seemed to be trying to come out! We started on double diving Steve’s Bommie which is a highlight on any trip as the dive is great and varied with both macro life and big life. Then we moved over the Joanie’s Joy which is a beautiful wall dive, but on surfacing this dive there was no Spirit to come back to, as the winds had picked up and started pushing the boat into the reef, so they had to drop lines. This meant it become a military precision drill to keep all the divers safe in the water and doing tender pick ups straight back to Spirit. This was made particularly tricky with 2 meter swells off the back of Spirit, which meant it became adrenaline pumping excitement for everyone.

Despite the conditions every one did extremely well and stayed on high spirits.

Thanks for everyone coming on-board.

Trip Director

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