Steve's Bommie
Silver City
-13.89, 146.55
False Entrance
MV Spirit Of Freedom
Two Towers

4 Day Coral Sea 14

To those who joined Spirit Of Freedom and her crew on Thursday the 19th of July, what a trip it was. Many of you had a scenic flight from Cairns to Lizard Island while others were continuing their trip on from the Cod Hole.

Once we were all aboard while at anchor in Watson Bay at Lizard Island we lifted the anchor and made way for the Ribbon Reefs for an afternoons diving. And then that evening we headed out to Osprey Reef, which lays 80 nautical miles ENE of Lizard Is.

Our first day at Osprey was full on, with five dives planned it was action packed with deep dives, drifts, swim throughs and a night dive followed by a big nights rest for those that needed a catch up from the crossing the night before but also another four dives the next day.

After a deep dive in the morning we headed up to North Horn for the shark attraction dive which is always a thrill when more than two dozen Grey Whalers show up for a piece of the action.

Our time at Osprey was brilliantly topped off with a stop at False Entrance where Jacks school in the hundreds as well as Barracuda while a couple Eagle Rays cruised in to say G’Day.

For our final day of the expedition we were in the lower Ribbon Reefs, dive the likes of Steve’s Bommie and Flair Point.

What a fantastic way to end a fabulous trip, awesome weather, awesome diving with awesome people. Many thanks to all who came and blew bubbles with us, Happy Days !!

Trip Director

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