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False Entrance
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Steve's Bommie
MV Spirit Of Freedom
Silver City

4 Day Coral Sea 12

It was a beautiful peaceful day at Lizard Island as Spirit of Freedom sat moored up in Watsons Bay waiting the arrival of the new guests. An excited, keen and friendly bunch of divers boarded. We drop the lines and headed out to the Great Barrier Reef to begin our Coral Sea Adventure.

We started it off nice and easy at Pixie Gardens before making our way to Monolith for an afternoon and night dive. Plenty of little things to find hidden round the reef. The Giant Trevally and reef sharks were out and about for the night dive. We then prepared the vessel for our over night steam out to Osprey Reef.

We started things off at ATB, to show them what Osprey really has to offer, and with a 2 current it was flowing for an awesome drift dive. Our Instructor Niek came back from the dive with eyes wider than ever! Saying he and his group had seen 20 Hammer Head sharks, of course we did not believe him until he showed us his go pro footage and YEP its true! We then bounced up to the best part of Osprey for 3 dives at North Horn, where we did 2 great wall dives and then the shark feed, spotting another Hammer Head shark and Silver Tip along with about 40 Grey Reef Sharks and a Potato Cod at the Feed.

With winds increasing we deicide to brave the weather and stay out to explore more of Osprey and hang out with all the Sharks. Starting our Saturday morning off at ATB AGAIN! But this time almost EVERYONE saw the Hammer Head Sharks schooling around 30m on the cleaning station! WHAT A WAY TO START THE DAY! There is no way to explain the pure excitement. There we about 25-30 Hammerheads cruising past making close encounters with the divers. This is what we dive for right!?

Then we headed to False Entrance, and Nautilus Caves where we spotted a MANRA RAY cruising around and then headed over to Castles to enjoy the amazing typography.

Osprey did not let us down, and it just goes to show you can still be surprised almost every dive with what this remote, isolated and incredible reef system in the Coral Sea has to offer.

We tied everything down for our crossing back into the Ribbon Reefs where we woke up on RR#3 for a double dive on Steves Bommie, we waited patiently for the Minke Whales to arrive and they did just in time for our 2nd dive.
We had about 3-4 Minke whales cruising by snorkelers on the Minke line. It was a Sunday morning well spent. We then headed to Joanie’s joy and finished off at Temple of Doom.

WOW, what a trip it was, Hammer Heads, Silver Tips, Manta Rays, Sea Snakes, Turtles and of course the Minke Whales. Could not have been more lucky!

Thank you to our amazing guests, what a fun bunch of divers to have onboard for a trip of a lifetime.

No troubles… Just Bubbles….
Lucy Hutchinson
Trip Director

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