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4 Day Coral Sea 10

On Thursday 12th of April several fun loving fillies and fellas flew into Lizard Island to join Spirit of Freedom and her crew. Once we’d done all the meets, greets and safety briefs we had arrived at Ribbon reef #9 in the afternoon for our first two dives of the trip.

After sampling the wonders of the Ribbon Reefs on ourfirst day we had an over night steam out to Osprey Reef in the middle of the Coral Sea.

Early the next morning we watched the sunrise over the reef as we tied up at North Horn on Osprey and our fist dive of the day was a drift along Soft Coral Wall. Diving at Osprey is one in it’s own as the reef rises up from over 1000m and the walls are near vertical making for some very unique diving.

After breakfast we did our shark attraction dive where more than two dozen reefsharks show up to get in on a piece of the action, always a highlight of the trip.

Our third dive was at False Entrance where massive schools of Trevally and Barracuda congregate while White Tip Reef Sharks rest peacefully on the sand.

To finish off our day we move to Admiralty which is on the corner of the true entrance and here it epitomizes the diving at Osprey with sheer walls moving into cracks, crevasses and swim throughs nearer the surface and once the sun had set and our bellies full of chef Sam’s divine cuisine we jumped back in for a night dive under the start studded sky.

That night we had to steam all night once again back into the Ribbons to avoid any nasty weather.

Saturday was a four-dive day spreading from Ribbon #10 down to Ribbon #5diving magnificent pinnacles to lush bays littered with Giant Clams and coral gardens.

Our final day of diving was kicked started with a epic dive upon Crack’A’Jack then moving on down to Ribbon #3 and diving Steve’s Bommie, Steve’s is a site you can’t just do once as the marine life there is unbelievable so we stayed for another after lunch.

Our fifteenth and final dive of the trip was at Flair Point located at the bottom of Ribbon #3. A beautiful bay in which hosts an array of fish species as well as some rays and eels.

Even thought the diving was done for what was another spectacular trip the fun was not over, our gourmet chef Sam had prepared another fabulous feast for us all and as there was no diving to be had the next day we all shared a drink or two while swapping silly stories and dive adventures, friendships were forged and lifetime memories created.

Thank you all who joined, until next time!
Happy Days!
Ellis Trip Director

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