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3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 9

Spirit of Freedom was ready for another week out on the reef, 21 Guests boarded on a rather wet Monday, but no rain will stop Spirit as we headed to the outer reefs of Cairns to begin our 3 day Cod Hole Adventure.

Onboard we had one of our lovely office ladies Sandy, for a birthday trip out on Spirit.

Saxon Reef, South Point is where we did our first 2 dives. It was good to get the gills wet and get accustomed to the fiderella service and spirit way of diving.

Tuesday morning we awoke on ribbon reef # 3, Steves Bommie. A large pinnacle structure raising from 35m to 5m on top, full of life, and full of magic! There is always so much to see here, from the tiniest Pipe Fish or Nudibranch to a Green Turtle, White Tip Sharks and Barracuda.

We then carried on steaming up the ribbon Reefs to Clam Gardens, Coral Princess Bommie and then Challenger Bay for 2 dives. Along the way we saw some Butterfly Fish, Puffer Fish, Sea Cucumbers, a Potato Cod, and of course lots of sharks, Moray Eels, GTs and Red Bass at the exciting Challenger Bay night dive.

Early Wednesday we made our way up to The Cod Hole for our first dive, with 2 of our Potato Cod friends showing up, it was another up close and personal experience at the Cod Feed.

Perfect way to start the morning. We then headed to Lighthouse Bommie for an epic pinnacle dive, Vertical Gardens to enjoy the visibility and awesome wall and finished up at Google Gardens to enjoy the solid amount of beautiful, healthy corals. Along the way we saw lots of sharks, even a couple of Manta Rays, Barracuda, GTs, plenty of Anemone Fish and the usual reef fish.

That concludes another great Cod Hole, with good weather, nice, safe diving and an awesome bunch of people; the spirits were high as we steamed into Lizard Island.

No Troubles Just Bubbles
Lucy Trip Director SOF

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