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3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 7

A pleasant Monday morning as 25 guests arrived at Trinity Wharf ready to jump onboard Spirit of Freedom for a scuba adventure up North through the Ribbon Reefs. We headed to the outer reefs of Cairns to Saxon Reef, South Point for our first 2 dives of the trip. South Point offered some Turtles, Reef Sharks and Batfish a nice way to start the trip.

As we served dinner we were already making our way up north to find ourselves waking up at Ribbon Reef number 3 for a morning dive at Steves Bommie, onto Clam Gardens at RR#5 and Coral Princess Bommie at RR#9 ¼, and finally finishing up at Challenger Bay RR#9 ¾ for our afternoon and night dive. Our first full day diving up the Ribbon Reefs produced some good sightings of Unicorn Fish, Damsel, Butterfly and Angel Fish. Lots of Bat Fish, Sea Cucumbers and Puffer Fish and some great Shark action on the Challenger Bay night dive. There was even a Grey Nurse Shark spotted.

Cod Hole was first on the agenda for our Wednesday morning, then back down to Lighthouse, Pixie Pinnacle and finishing things off at Google Gardens. Pixie impressed a few lucky guests with a large Manta Ray appearance. Also lots of Turtles, Big Eyed Trevallys, Barracuda, little Nudibranchs and Pipe Fish.

That concludes our 3day Cod Hole adventure, diving some of the best sights out here on the Ribbon Reefs. Another lovely evening moored up at Lizard Island and an aussie style BBQ prepared by our Master Chef. All in all a safe, happy exciting trip onboard Spirit Of Freedom.

No Troubles… Just Bubbles

Lucy Hutchinson

Trip Director

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