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Steve's Bommie

3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 6

Spirits were high on this beautiful, sunny Cairns Christmas day, a very Merry Spiritmas from the 10 crew that get to spend Christmas day out on the reef.

With 26 jolly guests on board we headed out to South Point on Saxon Reef for our 1st two dives. Blowing bubbles and swimming with the fish, was a lovely way to spend a sunny Xmas day on The Great Barrier Reef.

Later that evening as we got stuck into a delicious Xmas dinner prepared by ourchef Simon, we had a very special guest arrive with a sack of gifts for everyone! Not one but TWO Santa’s landed their sleigh on Spirit to share some Xmas cheer.

We had a nice big 5 dive day planned for our boxing day, starting things off at Steves Bommie, Clam Gardens, then Vertical Gardens for a bit of a current dive out on the pressure point. Then up to Challenger bay for our afternoon dive andnight dive. We spotted everything from the smallest of creatures like Pipefish, Nudibranchs, Fusiliers, to Silver Tips, Devil Rays, Grey Reef Sharks and Turtles.

Wednesday morning we started off at the world Famous Cod Hole where we all jumped into great visibility and our friendly Potato Cod waiting for their morning breakfast. Guests enjoyed getting an up close and personal experiencewith these protected creatures. Then enjoying some depth out on the deeper ridges. We then headed onto Lighthouse Bommie and Pixie Pinnacle to enjoy the fish life around these two pinnacle dive sites.

Being out just off the reef, the sites attached large schools of fish such as Big Eyed Trevally, Barracuda, Tuna and Mackerel. Also some Turtles, Sea Snakes and reef Sharks and Pipe Fish.

Ending our Day at Google Gardens to enjoy the beautiful hard and soft corals of this site. It’s also nice to see such good, healthy life out here.

Once all were back onboard Spirit we headed for Lizard Island as the sun was setting on our last day of this Xmas Cod Hole Trip. It has been a very merry few days, high spirits and lots of laughs, plenty of food and gifts for all. What more could you want from a true Aussie Xmas spent out on the reef.

Happy Days. No Troubles… Just Bubbles

Lucy Hutchinson Trip Director

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