Steve's Bommie
MV Spirit Of Freedom
Two Towers
Silver City
-13.89, 146.55
False Entrance

3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 5

On Monday the 18th of December some happy go lucky holiday goers joined Spirit Of Freedom and her crew in Cairns for a three-night trip up to Lizard Island. The weather forecast for the trip was looking good with 10 – 15 knots from the SE.

After all the meets, greets and safety briefs it was time to set sail for the outer reefs. By the afternoon we had made it to Saxon Reef where we did our first two dives of eleven, here at Saxon it’s a great place to get familiar with the procedures and diving style of the vessel as well as get to know each other in and out of the water. That night we steamed north to the Ribbon reefs.

On Tuesday Morning we awoke at Ribbon Reef #3 and kicked off the day with a dive at Steve’s Bommie! Dive two of five for the day was up the top of Ribbon #5 at Rouge. Over lunch we continued steaming north to Ribbon #8 and dived a well protected site inside the reef called ‘Tower Of Tomoko’. Dive four and five where up in between Ribbon #9 & #10 at Challenger Bay. Dive four was late in the afternoon while the last dive of the day was with the sharks in the dark! It was a beautiful day cruising up the Ribbons, very action packed with all walks of life spotted on the dives from tiny little nudibranchs and crustaceans to rays and reef sharks.

We kicked off our final day of diving with a drift in-between Ribbon #9 & #10 with a reasonable current the divers covered over half a mile along the coral covered wall while a Silver Tip Shark came in to see what all the fuss was about. Next up was Pixie Pinnacle which was just spectacular as the Trevally forced the Fusiliers toward the surface then attacked from all angles when they had no where to go. After lunch it was time for the infamous Cod Hole and the ever delightful cod feed, where everyone got that ever important selfie with the giant cod. Our eleventh and final dive of the trip was at Snake Pit, a nice little sea mount in-between the Cod Hole and Lizard Island. Yes a Sea Snake or two but the highlight was a pair of Eagle Rays cruising around! To end a fabulous few days we cruised in to Lizard Island for some sunset drinks and an amazing BBQ prepared by our chef Sam.

Thank you and see you next time!

Trip Director

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