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4 Day Coral Sea 4

Spirit of Freedom was moored up in Watsons Bay on a beautiful December morning, as the planes flew in with 21 new guests to join our already 5 continuing guests.

Once all 26 new, eager divers were aboard, with skipper Ross and 9 other crew we set off to Pixie Gardens for our check out dive. Good conditions and good divers made for an easy first dive.

Pixie Wall was next for a double dive; it offers a sheer wall going down to about 15m then drops off to a sloping sandy bottom. Perfect to find little white tip reef sharks swimming around. As the sun had set we jumped in for our night dive; where we were accompanied by some GTs and Red bass as they were begining their evening hunt.

We then prepared the vessel for our open water crossing over to Osprey Reef out in the Coral Sea. Our 4 dive Friday consisted of dive sites such as Castles which offers great topography and swim throughs. A live drop at Pavona to have a look at the massive mountain of Pavona coral, as well as seeing many baby sharks, White Tips and schools of fusiliers getting chased by Tunas. Then on to The Gap for another great wall dive with underwater structures starting at 16m dropping all the way down to 30+M and then further down to 1000+M. Finishing off our day at Admiralty for a fun dive navigating our way around the channels, valleys and swim throughs.

Saturday morning we woke up a little earlier to get the last of the tide for ATB, Around the Bend. Always an impressive dive, ATB allows us to get a nice drift dive in, while getting some depth out on the cleaning station. We had Dog Tooth Tuna, Baby Grey Reef Sharks and Barracuda swimming around.

Next we headed up to North Horn for an exploratory Live Drop further up Blue Marlin Wall than usual. As we all dropped down a curious Silver Tip came to check us out, as well as Grey Reef sharks, Barracuda and a school of Jacks.
Its always a sharky Saturday out at North Horn. We jumped in for our Shark Feed and it was just as spectacular as always. With 30-40 Grey Reef sharks buzzing around its hard not to be impressed by the sight. Lets not forget about the Potato Cod, White Tips and tiny but brace little Moorish Idols that come to join in as well.
Then was a tender drop up around Soft Coral wall for a beautiful dive down along the wall past all the mesmerizing soft corals.

Heading back into the GBR to wake up for a double dive at Steves Bommie, the underwater mountain structure offers depth for those wanting to explore the deep as well as a nice 5m peak for those who can enjoy an extended safety stop to photograph the many different Anemone fish species, Pipefish, crabs and search for Nudibranchs. Not forgetting the Barracuda, GTs, School of Jacks, mackerel and Green Turtle.

We then headed to Flair Point for a cruisey dive along the nice coral gardens, with Sweetlips, Barramundi Cod and Batfish joining us.

For our last dive we jumped in at Coral Princess Bommie to explore circumference of this reef. Lots of nice, healthy corals, cool Nudis, Butterfly Fish, Coral Trout, Wrasse and Surgeon Fish scattered the Bommie as we made our way around the site.

That brings us to the end of our 4-day Coral Sea and GBR adventure. Lots of great dives and fun times have been had on board Spirit of Freedom once again with an awesome bunch of guests. All great little divers and keen adventurers, all in all a successful trip.

No Troubles… Just Bubbles

Lucy Hutchinson
SOF Trip Director

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