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3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 12

Trip Report Cod Hole 19/02/2018 A beautiful sunny Monday in Cairns as Spirit of Freedom was awaiting the arrival of 26 new and excited guests to begin their 3 day Cod Hole Dive Trip up the Ribbon Reefs of The Great Barrier Reef.

The weather was looking good for the next few days, we had a nice easy steam to the outer reefs of Cairns where we jumped in at Norman Reef, Playgrounds to get the gills wet. The guests became accustomed to The SOF procedures and got a taste of the finderella service.

Tuesday morning the sun was still shining, the tank was clean and it was time to jump in at one of our favorite sites, good, old faithful Steves Bommie. Guests enjoyed circling around the underwater pinnacle structure finding creatures big and small. Then onto Clam Gardens on Ribbon 5 for a lovely dive along the sloping reef exploring the coral bommies and searching for Giant Clams in the shallows, as well as a lovely snorkel site for our snorkeler Julie.

A pleasant cruise up the Ribbon Reefs over lunch we found ourselves at Coral Princess Bommie on Ribbon 9 ¼ for our 3rd dive of the day. Then making our way to Ribbon #9 ¾ for the last 2 dives at Challenger Bay. It was a nice cruisey afternoon dive and snorkel, and then as the darkness fell and we jumped in for the night dive things got rather exciting. Once again Challenger Bay turned it on, the Giant Trevallys and Grey Reef Sharks were out and about hunting using the light from our torches to find their prey. For most an experience to remember as one of the best night dives ever!

Wednesday morning we got things started with a current dive at Vertical Gardens, only able to dive on an incoming time it proves to be one to remember. The Coral and fish life that hang out at the pressure point is spectacular. Then keeping up the standards we headed to Google Gardens to enjoy the beautiful state of the hard and soft corals, an impressive amount of coral coverage is enough to give you the warm fuzzys.

We then made our way up to Ribbon #10 for the Cod Feed for the rest of the day. Here is where the legend known as Lucy hand fed the ferocious and deadly Potato Cod that inhabit the large hole in the reef known as the Cod Hole. The divers stared in awe at Lucy’s underwater acrobatic skills as she fended off each attack by the huge fish. Two of the largest fish suddenly turned and raced forwards together and it looked like poor Lucy was about to be diced to pieces. Thankfully Sola-san’s fins, with their bizarre Japanese colouring, were enough to distract the fish and Lucy managed to pull her arm out of the way as the nearest Potato Cod’s razor sharp teeth crashed together with the underwater equivalent of a sonic boom. Some of that may not of been true however everyone enjoyed The Cod Hole and loved hanging out with our Potato Cod Friends

The guests enjoyed a lovely Sunset as we made our way into Blue Lagoon Bay of Lizard Island, and that concludes another amazing diving and snorkeling trip around The Great Barrier Reef.

No Troubles… Just Bubbles Lucy Hutchinson
Trip Director

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