MV Spirit Of Freedom
Silver City
Two Towers
Steve's Bommie
-13.89, 146.55
False Entrance

3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 8

It was a lovely Monday morning in Cairns as 27 people boarded Spirit of Freedom to begin their 3 day diving adventure up the Ribbon reefs of the northern Great Barrier Reefs.

It was fantastic to welcome back some old friends, Pete an Shona and the Divocean crew as well as a our friends from Japan Sun & Adventure divers and also some couples from all over the world.

Once the formalities were done we were underway to the outer reefs off Cairns to jump in for our first couple of check out dives. Then after that we were all aboard and made our way up to the Ribbon Reefs.

Tuesday is a big 5-dive day with our 1st one at Steves Bommie, a great pinnacle structure that comes up from 35m all the way to the top at 5m. Plenty of things to find and loaded with marine life. Cruising up to RR#5 we jumped in at Clam Gardens to enjoy the nice coral garden structures and cruise around to find Giant Clams bigger and ourselves. Then we headed onto Wonderland before headed to Challenger Bay for 2 dives, an afternoon, followed by a Night dive. We saw plenty of pelagics, Sharks, GTs, Red Bass and moral Eels.

Wednesday we started our day off at Lighthouse Bommie, an amazing dive site with so much to find, once again the marine life congregates around this pinnacle structures and its booming with life. Sea Snakes, Turtles, Fusiliers, Groupers, Lion Fish and even Minke Whales!

Then we cruised on up to the Cod Hole to jump in with our Potato Cod Friends. We had 3 big Cod come into the feed and then guests enjoyed a dive around the Cod Hole. It’s always a great experience getting an up close and personal experience with this massive Fish. They definitely don’t know what personal safe is and we love it!

Lastly we headed over to Rod Rocks for the afternoon, we tend to go to Rod Rocks this time of the year to really enhance our Minke Whale experience. And it did not disappoint, spending hours in the water on the float line as the Dwarf Minke Whales came closer and closer to the snorkelers on the line, the longer we were out there. It is a once in a lifetime experience to spend time with the Minke Whales as they come in to interact with us.

This brings us to the end of our trip, a massive thank you to our wonderful guests for an amazing trip, with great diving and Minke Experiences. Also a special shout out to Brittany our Minke researcher and our guests Vicki from Devocean Dive for spending their birthday onboard and for Pete and Shona for spending their wedding anniversary onboard with us!

Happy days! We look forward to seeing you all underwater again sometime soon!

No Troubles… Just Bubbles

Lucy Hutchinson
Trip Director

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