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3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 7

It was an amazing sunny June day in Cairns as Spirit of Freedom sat docked at Trinity Wharf waiting for 23 guests to board before we set out to the reef to begin our 3 day Cod Hole Trip. With Spirit returning from our annual refit she is looking very good and ready to take on anything out on the reef.

We made our way out to Norman reef, to do 2 dives at Playgrounds. With a great bunch on divers it made for a pleasant afternoon.

Tuesday morning we awoke on our favorite dive site Steves Bommie, where guests enjoyed circling around the massive pinnacle structure filled with magical marine life. Then we headed up to RR#5 to Clam Gardens, as we were pulling up to the reef we spotted our very first MINKE WHALE of the trip off the bow of the boat.

We then cruised up to RR#9 to dive an amazing site called Google Gardens; the coral covered and healthy of this site is incredible. Then moving over to Challenger Bay where we did our last 2 dives of our 5-dive day. The night dive of course was great with lots of Shark and Giant Trevally action.

Our Wednesday we started things off at a Minke hotspot, Lighthouse Bommie, and it definitely provided the goods. Not only is the dive site loaded with schools of Jacks, Fusiliers, Sea Snakes and Turtles but also we were lucky enough to see Minke Whales cruising past while we were diving. We all came back up and got back out in snorkel gear to enjoy a few encounters with these amazing creatures.
We had to leave our Minke friends behind to make it up to RR#10 to the Cod Hole to see the Potato Cod and play with them for a while. But shortly after that we headed back down to Lighthouse because WHY NOT? The Minkes were there and we were happy! Finishing off with our last dive at Pixie Pinnacle, with a bit of current running as we had big tides this week it made for a slightly challenging last dive. However all in all an amazing few days spent out on the reef and definitely a highlight was playing with the Minke Whales.

A massive thank you to our wonderful guests onboard. Thank you for all the wonderful dives and for hanging out with us on Spirit of Freedom, we look forward to seeing you again under water soon

Happy Days!

No Troubles, Just Bubbles
Lucy Trip Director

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