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Steve's Bommie
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3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 4

A fine Monday in Cairns as Spirit of Freedom sat at Trinity Wharf waiting for the 24 excited guests to arrive. It was a somewhat bumpy ride to the outer reefs of Cairns, however it was well worth it to jump in for our first dive of our Cod Hole/Ribbon Reef diving adventure. With everyone accustomed to the Spirit way we jumped in at Playgrounds, Norman Reef for a checkout dive and a dusk dive.

Waking up Tuesday morning with 5 dives ahead of us, we started it off at Steves Bommie to enjoy the large underwater pinnacle structure. Then we moved up the Ribbons to Clam Gardens to explore the beautiful coral structures in the shallow reef and along the sandy slope. There was plenty of marine life to see, lots of little reef fish and giant clams along the way. We then had a nice long break over lunch as we steamed all the way up to Coral Princess Bommie for our 3rd dive before finishing our day off at Monolith for an afternoon and night dive. The Reefs were filled with lots of Sweetlips, Unicorn Fish, Groupers and Bat Fish. It wasn’t until the sun set that the larger predators came out; like reef sharks and GTs using our torch light to hunt.

Wednesday we headed up to the Cod Hole to do a double dive with our Potato cod friends, with good conditions and little current it made for a great morning. The Cod Feed was great with 3-4 Cods coming in nice and close to say hello. We then made our way to Dynamite Pass for a drift dive down the wall and into the lagoon, before making our way to Snake Pit for our last dive of our 3 day adventure. Two massive Green Turtles were found hanging out and lots of schooling fish humming around the coral structures.

That brings us to the end of our 3-day diving adventure, with another awesome bunch of divers, it was a lot of fun and exciting diving. We spent a wonderful night onboard Spirit before disembarking on Thursday morning for our scenic flight back to Cairns.

Thank you to all our awesome guests for a safe and fun trip, we hope to dive with you all again at some point! Happy Travels!

No Troubles…Just Bubbles
Lucy Hutchinson
Trip Director

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