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False Entrance
Silver City
Two Towers
Steve's Bommie
MV Spirit Of Freedom

3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 31

It was Monday morning and the crew eagerly await the arrival of the guests to come. The wind was down so we knew we would get an easy ride out to the reef. 

As the winds were down it meant we could do some of our more favourite dive sites of Steve’s Bommie, Clam Gardens, Google Gardens and finishing up with an afternoon dive and night dive at The Crack on the wild side of the reef. The guests loved all of these dives seeing some pretty spectacular wild life both during the day and on the night dive.  

Come the evening the passengers and crew all got together and had a bit of a party to celebrate the full moon and the great diving had by all.  

On Wednesday we started off on a dive site called Vertical Gardens that we had a manta ray make an appearance, but the current was a little strong and some of the guests struggled, but none of them complained due to the wild life to be seen. The second dive was also at Vertical Gardens but we changed it up a bit and did tender drops with a drift back to Spirit. 

 Come the third dive of the day we managed to fit in the cod feed dive where we had 5 different cods all come in to check all the guests out.  

 The final dive of the trip ended on Snake Pit in which the passengers got to see eagle rays, sharks, logger head turtles, green turtles and stone fish.   

 We ended a great trip with the famous Spirit traditional Aussie BBQ, and a great night was had by all.  

 Thank you to all of our passengers for coming and we hope to see you all again soon.  




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