Steve's Bommie
-13.89, 146.55
False Entrance
Silver City
Two Towers
MV Spirit Of Freedom

3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 3

There is no better way to start a Monday than boarding Australia’s number 1 Livaboard and making your way out to The Great Barrier Reef!

14 excited divers boarded Spirit of Freedom and headed out to Norman Reef, Troppos for their first few dives of The Cod Hole Trip! A little taste of whats in store for the next 3 days.

That evening we left the outer reefs of Cairns behind and headed up north to the Ribbon Reefs. Starting off at RR#3, Steves Bommie and then up to RR#5 for Crack A Jack! The pinnacles around the Ribbon Reefs are beaming with all sorts of life, big and small as they congregate around these structures before making their way to the bigger parts of the reef. Then we enjoyed a nice dive at Coral Princess Gardens, with great visibility up on RR#9. Then a short steam over to Challenger Bay for our afternoon and night dive, where the Reef Sharks really came out and showed what this area is all about. A very exciting and crazy night dive, not to be forgotten too quickly for our guests, its not every dive you come face to face with very hungry hunting Sharks and GTs.

A peaceful evening spent moored up was great to catch up on some sleep; with everyone well rested we awoke on Wednesday morning to kick things off at Pixie Pinnacle, then onto Lighthouse Bommie! Sea Snakes, Eagle Rays, Turtles, Barracuda, Parrot Fish, Sharks, Schooling Jacks and much much more! WHAT A WAY TO SPEND OUR MORNING! We then headed on up to RR#10 to jump on in at The Cod Hole; we were greeted by 2 of our favorite potato chips… THE POTATO COD! Our awesome divers got lucky with an up close and personal, maybe somewhat intimate experience with them as they swam around munching on the pilchards! We spent our last dive here too, with great visibility and conditions to finish off the end of our 3 day Cod Hole Trip.

Onwards to Lizard Island where we enjoyed some well deserved beers and watched the sunset over the horizon. It has been a wonderful time with many great dives and plenty of fun in our underwater world.

Thank you to our awesome divers for a great trip, we hope to see you again, blowing bubbles soon!

No Troubles… Just Bubbles!
Lucy Hutchinson
Trip Director

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