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3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 28

We began our trip on Monday with a unique route in mind that best suited the current weather conditions.  Strong North Westerly’s meant that we could not have safely dive the usual sites.  The day started as usual, and we encountered a minor bump in the road as there were a few weight issues with luggage.  This was promptly resolved before we headed out.    Check out dives went by smoothly and Monday concluded with a delicious meal prepared by impromptu Chef Terry.    


Tuesday morning was something special on Ruby Reef at one of our new sites; Candy Crush.  Spirit of Freedom was visited by a pod of 40 bottle-nose dolphins.   It was an incredible experience for the guests, instructors and on board crew, as nearly all got a chance to see the phenomenon.   Candy Crush proved to be a spectacular dive and a second dive was undertaken following 2nd Breakfast.   Following a rather sweet morning on Ruby Reef, we headed to the wild side of Joanie’s Joy.  Weather dictated that we would do this as a drift dive with tender drops.  It seemed weather Gods were against us as we were buffeted by wind and rain that made us stay at Joanie’s for the next two dives including the night dive.  Both dives were static and for a few guests this was their first experience night diving.  They ascended the swim steps buzzing about it afterwards.  We finished the day with dessert and well needed sleep.   


Wednesday it seemed the weather started to clear up a bit more, but the vicious NW winds kept the crew on their toes.  Vertical Gardens was the location for our first two dives in the morning.  Excellent visibility of 40 meters was reported, along with a large school of Bumphead Parrotfish.  After the rave reviews of Vertical Gardens both the guests and crew were in good spirits.  The freshly discovered Dory’s House was our next stop.  The site had only been found the previous week by the other crew, and with the Cod Hole out of the question due to the weather, it was our best shot at some great diving.  To our delight we were able to have two beautiful dives there.  Even a few manta rays decided to drop in which was a real treat.  After a full day of diving, the guests were very pleased with the BBQ night and enjoyed themselves well into the night.   


Overall the trip was successful in a non-conventional way.  We were not able to dive the Cod Hole and we didn’t go to many of the usual spots.  However despite all that, thanks to the efforts of the crew and the incredible guests we were completed a unique and memorable trip.  Wonderful sea-life, great food, a brand new certified advanced diver and a whole heap of great memories.    


A special kudos goes out to the guests who endured the less than favorable conditions.  You were all superstars.   


Thanks to everyone!  


Trip Director

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