Steve's Bommie
-13.89, 146.55
False Entrance
Two Towers
Silver City
MV Spirit Of Freedom

3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 26

It was 11.15am on a Monday morning in lovely sunshine with a freshly cleaned boat, with the crew eagerly awaiting for a glimpse of the new passengers.

Once everyone was on and introductions were done we started headed out to the Cairns near by Norman Reef on a site called Sandras for our first check out dives. Everyone came up raving about this site and about how much coral coverage there was.

After the second dive we started the over night steam up to Ribbon Reef 3 to one of our favourite dive sites called Steve’s Bommie. With the King tides we had it meant we had to adjust the way we normally dive the site and just zig zagged up the sheltered side of the Bommie. But this made it that bit more exciting and challenging, and they still got to see the resident green turtle, along with all the other sea life there was.

Come the 3rd dive of the day we had to have a little change of plan and visited the Pixie Pinnacle where there was still a bit of current but it had dropped out a little from the morning, the pinnacle was covered in life with schooling fish down to the little nudis. To end the day we ended up on a night dive favourite of Challenger Bay where the passengers got to dive it in the late afternoon and then it kicked off at night after dinner, with sharks, trevally, red bass and moray eels. Everyone came up raving and couldn’t believe how good it was.

On the Wednesday Rob and Alice had to pick the sights carefully with regards to the tides, so we opted for Coral Princess Bommie straight out the bat, but even this site couldn’t hid from the water movement, where we had all the divers hiding behind small bommies close to the boat. We then made a short journey down to a favourite, Google Gardens where they got to see a very sleepy turtle.

We then finished the day with sea snakes, green turtles and disco clams on Lighthouse Bommie and finished the trip with the highlight of the Cod feed dive last thing.

We then made the steam to Lizard Island for our well known traditional Australian BBQ.

Congratulations to Scott for achieving his advance course.

Thank you to every who came on board to make it the trip that it was.


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