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Steve's Bommie
Silver City
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False Entrance

3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 23

We started out our 3 day Cod Hole Trip in Cairns, as 26 excited guests arrived onboard Spirit Of Freedom.
We set out to explore the Northern regions of the GBR known as the Ribbon Reefs.

After a couple of first dives at the outer reefs of cairns we left the “City Life” behind as we cruised further up north to the remote parts of the Ribbon Reefs.
We spent 2 days diving around these parts, we dived amazing Pinnacle sites such as Steve’s Bommie and Light House Bommie, where we found tiny macro life like Pipefish, Leafy Scorpion Fish and Nudibranchs. We also explored some amazing coral Garden Dives such a Clam Gardens and Challenger Bay. We also did our night dive at Challenger Bay and it was as crazy as ever with tones of tiny bait fish swimming sound and GTs, sharks and Red Bass smashing them as they hunt their prey.

We also headed up to the Cod Hole where we jumped in to play with the friendly potato Cod, we enjoyed an up close and personal experience with these big friendly fish.

To end the dives we headed over to Snake pit to dive this awesome sea mound that rises up from 40m to a divable level with awesome coral and a few Eagle Rays.

We then cruised into Lizard Island as we enjoyed an awesome Sunset at Sea and another incredible meal prepared by our chef, sam.

Thank you to our awesome guests for joining Spirit of Freedom and her crew as we had a few fun days exploring the GBR.

We hope to see you all again soon

Trip Director.

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