Silver City
Two Towers
-13.89, 146.55
False Entrance
Steve's Bommie
MV Spirit Of Freedom

3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 22

We started off our Cod Hole dive adventure in Cairns with very excited friendly faces, once all were aboard and met the 12-spirit crew it was time to drop the lines and head out to Norman Reef for our first dives of the trip. With wonderful visibility and calm conditions it was a nice way to ease into it.

Our Tuesday consisted of 5 awesome dives as we made our way up north through out the day stopping at different ribbon reefs to check out the fish life! Steves Bommie is always a favorite as it attracts a lot of incredible fish life. Stone fish, Big Eyed Trevally, Barracuda, Anthias, Blue banded snapper and a range a little reef sharks, we also dived some nice walls and coral garden dives. We finished up at Challenger Bay where we searched for some ornate ghost pipe fish but couldn’t find them. We saw some Mauri Wrasse and even a huge Logger Head Turtle.

The following day was action packed filled with GREAT dive sites. Lighthouse Bommie to start the day off following sea snakes and green turtles around, then we headed up to the cod hole were we jumped into meet our friendly potato cods and get a nice up close personal encounter with these beautiful boutilicious fishies. We had a look at the awesome healthy corals of Google Gardens before finishing the trip off with Pixie Pinnacle, another awesome pinnacle dive.

The last few days have been a blast with great weather and great diving another happy Cod Hole Trip!
Thanks to our wonderful guests for joining in on the fun!

Happy Days, 


Trip Director

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