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3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 21

It was a lovely Monday Cairns morning as SOF was awaiting the arrival of the 25 guests ready to begin their GBR diving adventure.

We had some nice weather as we headed out to the outer reefs to Saxon Reef where there was quite a bit of current for our first few dives. It was a challenging first check out dive however most people managed okay. 

We spent the next few days up in the Ribbon Reefs exploring some great parts, we dived pinnacles and beautiful coral gardens and some great wall dives with nice typography. Along the way we saw some amazing sea creatures that call the GBR their home. We spotted reef sharks, and cuttle fish, parrotfish and butterfly fish, sea turtles and Eagle Rays, ornate ghost pipefish and plenty of tiny little crabs and critters.  

We got to meet our potato cod friend up at the cod hole and get a nice put close and personal encounter with them and we also we blown away by the coral grown and health of Google Gardens, and found some eagle rays as well as a Logger head Turtle at Snake Pit. 

It was a great trip with really good conditions for our cod hole trip. Thank you to all the divers and adventurers for joining SOF. We hope you enjoyed your time onboard. 


Trip Director

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