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Silver City
Steve's Bommie
Two Towers

3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 18

Another Monday comes around and 21 guests boarded Spirit Of Freedom to join us for the Cod Hole Trip, it was great to see long time friends and repeat guest of Spirit Sue and Kev back for another adventure as well as plenty other divers from all over the globe joining us to see what the GBR has to offer.

We headed to the outer reefs of Cairns to Saxon Reef, Turtle Bommie for our check out dive followed by a dusk dive. Its easy to say we have some very good, capable divers onboard which means its going to be a fun trip with some crazy sits!

Following day we prepared for a big 5 dive day staring off at Ribbon 3 Steves to enjoy the pinnacle loaded with tones of marine life, Stone Fish, A Giant Barracuda, Schools of Jacks, Nudibranchs.

We then went up to Ribbon 5 to dive Crack A Jack! Now this pinnacle has amazing sea fans covers it, fusiliers and schools of jacks surround the bommie while Anthias and glassfish lite everything us like a colourful show of flying fish EVERYWHERE!

Then up to Coral Princess followed by Challenger for a double dive. We spotted a huge Loggerhead turtle at Challenger and of course enjoyed the crazy night dive with hunting GTs and sharks.

Wednesday morning we jumped in at The Cod Hole to greet the Potato Cod andgive them a little bit of breaky! The guests enjoyed spending some time with the cod as they got nice and close to the divers, we headed back down to Lighthouse Bommie to enjoy the sea snakes and turtles, a nice big grouper and some beautiful Disco Clams!

We cruised over to Google Gardens to get blown away by the health of the corals at this dive site. Its always great to take our divers to this site as it proves that the GBR still has some great spots that luckily wasn’t touched by the cyclones and are thriving with healthy coral structures.

To finish off the Cod Hole Adventure we ended it with tender drops at Dynamite Pass, with a 1 current running down the wall and 30+M visibility it really was a nice way to end the trip.

With some great diving, AWESOME DIVERS and an abundance of marine life it was a really fun trip!

Thank you to all of our awesome guests above and below the surface you guys were a whole lot of fun! See you again soon!

Lucy Hutchinson Trip Director

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